Can someone help me or give some tips for farming orange weapons I'm level 47 and have 3000000

Is it worth doing the slots in moxxis, I’m also up for trading I’ve got a level 40 sledges shotgun if anyone has a sniper or summit to trade for it (:

At lvl 47 i think you shoulnt farm too much, cause you wanna get to UVHM first, your weapons will lose effectiveness rather quickly, too ( im assuming youre talking about BL2). Money in BL2 isnt particularly useful but if you wanna spend time at the slits feel free( 3mil isn’t gonna get you anything). If your weapons are bad i suggest using a couple of golden keys. Also, I personally feel like getting legendaries from a friend ruins the feeling of finding one yourself. You might need some professional help i only have 400 hours played :slight_smile:


Ok cool cheers I’m on my uvhm I’ve got decentish weapons for now my psn is Anorexictaxiderm if yeah want to hunt some loot sometime

If you’re level 47, you’re best bet is to complete TVHM main story so everything in main game levels up to 50. You can then do a bit of farming while deciding if you’re going to push on into UVHM or not. You have better odds getting legendaries from Savage Lee, Knuckledragger, etc. (all the repeatable game bosses) than from the slots. If you decide to head into UVHM, your legendary gear is going to last less well than in TVHM. I’d recommend taking a look in the BL2 discussion section for some insights on UVHM:

Nice tips thanks (: I’m about half way through my second playthrough so shouldn’t take to long I plan on maxing my level out

If you’re about 48 when you start Heroes Pass, you’ll probably be 50 by the time you beat the final story mission (or close enough that you’ll easily get there on the way back out!)

Ok cheers for the heads up I’m 48 now and doing the doctors orders mission have you done a third playthrough if so what’s it like for solo

It’s a very different game. Build is much more important, gear doesn’t last as long and you’ll frequently have to re-think strategy. Check out the link I posted above for a good summary. Enemy health and damage is more aggressively scaled relative to level, and they have health regen as well. Using slag is pretty much a requirement, so if you’ve been avoiding it as sub-par, you’ll need to adapt. The good news is slag-on-slagged target damage is also boosted, so something like a slag plasma caster can get you out of FFYL.

Ok cheers I’ll check it out I use slag a lot I shoot my death trap with it then blast them with my shot gun

That’ll work, although you’ll need a strategy for when DT inevitably disappears on you for a bit. The good news is that slag lasts twice as long on a target in UVHM as compared to the other modes.

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Didn’t know that it lasted longer but your right without it ill be f****d lol, I’m dreading fighting the Warrior this time round

He’s not so bad if you know one or two strategies, just a bit time-consuming if you haven’t hit max level on the way so as to get as many damage boosts as possible. Sal with a Grog Nozzle in his left hand can pretty much face-tank the warrior, as long as he avoids the tail slams.

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Cool cheers

definitely play tiny’s dlc and get the slagged magic missile, you can get that from the wizards. Magic missiles restock over time (super helpful in uvhm)