Can Someone Help Me? Please?

I’m on TPS and I can’t work out where I go next, the jump pad just takes me back where I just was and it doesn’t look like I can jump towards the marker?

There is another jump pad to the right of the airlock door. It will take to the other plasma regulator building.

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In addition to the other jump pad, you can also boost-jump your way along various ledges and roofs from the first plasma building to the second. That’s usually how I do that mission - finish A, then work across the back wall (as you’re looking at it in that screen shot) and boost across to B.


Thanks guys. I found the way by accident, went off the jump pad and went backwards because there was a jet shooting me, then found the ledge I needed to get to the second building. It just didn’t make a lot of sense to me when I was trying to figure out where to go!

My first time through that section was very confusing. Took me AGES to find the exit to the next map section after successfully blowing up the plasma conduits. The exit is to the left of the plasma units along that same rear wall, below some (now broken) pipes.

The scaling on this seems more extreme. Just got to the boss at level 20, boss was 25. Still won, but seems more extreme jumps than BL2.

There are a couple of points where the scaling jump seems off, and that’s one of them. Once you’re done on Helios and want to continue the story back on Elpis, make sure you have good corrosive gear (SMG/shotgun/blaster) - you’re going to need it.

I spoke too soon. Didn’t know there was a second stage :confused:

You can do this! Just watch out for those energy things that pop up whenever you go near. Plus the shock pits of death exposed all over the deck. I got through this mostly using Moxxi’s laser; playing as Athena helped a lot, too!

This game is so unbalanced. Nothing even slightly difficult until now, then BOOM.

Edit: Nevermind. Blaming the game when it was me being an idiot :smiley:

Why? Edit: I think I’ve gone through NVHM under-levelled with every single character. The biggest problem with the scaling is that it actually seems designed to finish TVHM at 48, and it’s REALLY hard to get up to 50 before advancing to the final story quest. That in turn makes it very hard to get the final story reward at level 50.

I didn’t click on to the fact that if I stand in the centre with my digi-Jacks out, I don’t get hit by all the surrounding crap, ok I still went down a couple of times but managed to do it anyway.

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if I’m not level 50 by this point, I tend to go on a killing spree to farm XP and/or complete any side missions still left., to get to level 50 or in most cases higher, but that severe drop in XP after L50 limits how many levels you can add on quickly

It’s just a really slow grind from 48 to 50 - most of the side quests are already capped out, the ones you care about can’t be taken if you want the level 50 version, and XP from kills is pretty thin. I usually end up running Triton Flats over and over (on foot to get max XP from kills) going through all the scaling scav camps (Darksiders etc.), but it still takes way too long. Maybe I’m just an impatient tyke though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, the area that prompted me to start this thread was the furthest i’d got in this game prior to today, so the rest is new to me. That with the laser was an interesting mission, as it, to some degree, explains BL2 a little more.

@VaultHunter101 @LunaticOne What level should I be when I finish NVHM? I’m 21 now and my story mission next is Beginning of the End which is marked as a level 26 mission. Should I grind side missions until i’m around 24 or would you recommend me being level 26 at the start of it?

I’d say at least 24, preferably a bit higher. There’s a bunch of missions on Helios open to you now, which you can pick up in Jack’s main Office, the board outside the control room above the laser, and a couple other spots. Once you kick off down the final leg of the main story, you’ll probably want to just run right through it to the end of the story. As I said, there’s a tough fight ahead which will require you to have decent corrosive (and shock) fire power.

Will the Moxxi laser suffice for the shock (level 16) or should I be looking to replace it now?

I used mine pretty extensively. In fact, I still had it for the final boss fight! It’s not an approach I’d necessarily recommend, but it worked OK for Athena because of her right-hand skill tree. Not sure how feasible it would be on Jack? The main problem with the battle you have to get through next will be range - beam lasers don’t reach that far, but you want something that can deal with shields and armour at everything from right on top of you to extreme range.

I appreciate the effort to avoid spoilers, but i’m assuming this fight you’re talking about is RK5?

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Yup. It’s probably the biggest stumbling block on first play-through unless you’ve been following some sort of guide and got a heads-up on it. There are several strategies for getting through it, but they all assume that you have decent gear for the task at hand. It’s actually a pretty rewarding fight in terms of accomplishment. I just wish there was a guaranteed legendary drop when you beat the flying menace during the story mission.

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