Can someone help me power level

Hello I’ve been playing borderlands tps on my Xbox 360 for quite sometime now but own a ps4 can anyone help me power level? My psn is Apollo_Justice7

What level are you?

I think I’m at level 9

I’ll send you a friend request. I’ll probably have time tomorrow, but i’m tired (it’s 12:44 where I live) Edit: I may get on in about 30 minutes or so if I don’t fall asleep.

Ok cool. Thank you

No problem! :smile:

haha can I join in may I ask

Can you send me a friend request. My PSN is eddie_white. I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you the other day. Just send it to me and I’ll get to you at some point.

Just send me a friend request and i’ll help you both.

When I get home I’ll send you a request.

oh cool thanks a lot man :sweat_smile:

Any one ever get you to power level I’m still looking for some one to help me

Lel what’s your psn?

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My pen is juggaloelliff

I sent you a request. I’m Apollo_Justice7

4zachw need help power leveling

What is your PSN? I can’t remember if I already sent you one.

I need a quick power level so I can get this last trophy for the character specific ones.

I would like to join in on some power leveling if you don’t mind. My psn is dkd6969 I’m on randomly through the week and lots on weekend nights. Plus I have a mic

Can someone help me on terramorphus? If not i need to power level