Can someone help me transfer a character from PS3 to PS4 over different profiles?

I have a level 40 siren on my ps3 profile but i have a diffferent profile on my ps4, can i transfer the character over?

I don’t think so man I’m pretty sure the save file has to be associated with the same profile. I had the same problem on tge PS3 I wanted to use my siren on my other profile but it load , it would save but it would have an error message every time. Sorry I couldn’t be more help I hope someone can find you a shortcut.

Sign in to the profile with your character save on PS3. Copy the save to a USB drive. Now sign in to the ID that you want to use. Copy the save from the USB back onto the PS3 while signed into the new ID. Load the game (On PS3) and hit cross save. Now load the game on PS4 with the same ID and go into cross save and download the character. Should work.