Can someone help me with support for BL VIP website

Simply put, I am trying to link my Xbox live to my new VIP account and it will not work. I have tried 3 times so far. It goes well until I enter my password for my Xbox live to link it and it kicks me out of the BL VIP page and makes me re-login.
I’d like to connect it so it’s easier for me to put in codes and for my pre-order rewards to arrive day one.
Anyone else having a issue? I am going to try another internet browser to see if its Chrome or not.

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I’m using Playstaion for my account and haven’t had any issues. Also, i used Firefox for mine but yes i would suggest you use another browser other than chrome, see if that helps.


I just tried it with firefox and it gives me the same error. It lets me go through and looks like it will actually work then it gives me the VIP login again and says there was a error with my account.
Is there somewhere to contact for support directly on the forums or the site? I couldn’t find anywhere to contact anyone.

Try connect your XBL account directly on SHIFT website

It says I am linked there but if I try to use Shift Codes on the VIP site it won’t let me send them to my Xbox account. I am going to try the codes on the Shift page now.

I am going to contact support. i found it. Thanks for the link above. I just want to make sure I am linked correctly for the VIP rewards. The Shift page has my account registered so not sure why it isn’t appearing on the VIP site.

Thanks everyone. Maybe I will update when and if I get it to work. Or do you think its okay if it’s linked in shift but not on the VIP site? I get my golden keys okay I think. I’ll know after work tonight I guess.

The VIP site does seem to be sensitive to your browser settings and whether or not you have script or ad blocking, or antivirus plugins running. You may want to carefully review those and add exceptions where necessary for the VIP site.

I’m having a similar problem. For the most part, it looks like my PSN and SHIFT accounts are properly linked. However, I pre-ordered B3 Super Deluxe Edition, and your website doesn’t acknowledge that I’ve already pre-ordered the game. As a result, I can’t complete the survey to get the B3 VIP bonus package in September of this year.

I have a problem with the vip as well I keep checking but I’ve never had ant activities to complete and the counter for the gun has a box checked saying I did an activity but I don’t have any points (I don’t know if I’m supposed to have 0 on the point balance or something but there are no numbers) also I preordered the super deluxe edition as a hard copy from eb games and I don’t know if I can register that with the website to let me do the survey or other activities tied to preorders. can anyone suggest ideas or hep?

It doesn’t need to the activity page there at top most section it says skip to step 2 and answer a few questions about your pre-order the if you play BL3 14days within the release date you should see them on the rewards page

Thx for the reply! Unfortunately, I’m not able to click on anything that says, “skip to step 2”. I can click on the pre-order section and confirm that the game was pre-ordered for the linked PSN account (PS4 digital). But I can’t progress to Step 2 for some reason.

Sounds like something is blocking the site from working within your browser. If you’re running anything like NoScript or AdBlock, make sure the site and all related domains are excluded from those. Also check your browser security and privacy settings - see if there’s anything you can toggle or have the option to whitelist the site for.

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I turned off all content blocking, but still had no luck. Then I tried a different browser (Edge for Mac) instead of Safari, and that seems to have taken care of the problem. Thanks for the advice!

Im on PlayStation and im having the same issue. Id have figured that it wouldve linked when i used my shift account but guess not. Put in a ticket, just waiting now.

OK listen up, I ran into the same bug, on 2 different web browsers, but I finally found out what was happening. (I work as T3 customer support (not at this company a different one)) The main shift login page doesn’t properly display the error that is occurring. However, the forum portal does. When I failed to link through the forum portal, it said, “steam profile linked with another account”

There it was, my other email address that I originally signed up for, and linked a different account, and forgot about it (for years) until today.

So admins, please do your bit, this is a legitimate complaint. Reproduce the error when a steam account is already linked with another epic games account or whatever. The main login just bugs out with no reason and logs you out.

Do you mean the VIP website?