Can someone help?

I need some advice on how to build my character. I’ve been building Gaige to rely on Ordered Chaos, and BFF. About level 59 at the moment. But I find that I can’t consistently get my anarchy up into the triple digits. Is there any advice that someone can give me? Should I rework my skills to include LBT, and get rid of one of the other trees?

Fill out your skill tree at this site, then copy and paste the URL into a reply here so folks can see exactly how you’ve constructed your build so far:

What gear are you using mainly? Small magazine weapons (eg 2 rounds) will let you stack anarchy faster.

Thank you, that is extremely helpful.

I mainly switch shotguns and slag plasma caster. I had a level 50 conference call and Slagga, but I switched them for stronger weapons. Since it felt like I wasn’t as affective. And until a few levels ago, I was using a bee shield. But I got downed too often, so I switched to a random absorb shield.

Never been a huge fan of relying on a Bee Shield. It definitely has its uses, but it really is a trade-off between damage and survivability while levelling up. Absorb shields aren’t bad, but I would suggest either a nova or melee-focussed shield since you’re sharing it with DT. There’s a couple of mission rewards that work well for that, or you can just check vending machines and chests religiously for a bit.

As it stands, you’re almost through the worst bit of UVHM (levels 55-59). I’m not enough of a Gaige expert to comment on the specifics of your build, but a couple more points should help you out (along with the different shield).

Not sure what com you might be using but it looks like a L. Roboteer or L. Anarchist would fit the bill and I believe both become available at level 61. Also, I’d suggest taking the points from Fancy Mathematics and Potent as a Pony and putting them into 20% Cooler (unless you have a com that boosts them). The increased cool down time will be a life saver.

As far as getting more stacks you either need to simply put more points into preshrunk Cyberpunk or get a Slayer of Terramorphous (Mechromancer) com, as it can take you to 600 if you have the Preshrunk Cyberpunk skill at 5/5. Weapons with multiple projectile like the ricochet barrel Fibber, Twister or CC can really take advantage of a Bee but make sure you either have a Moxxie weapon equipped for quick healing or save it for fights where you have lots of minions to get for kills- BSS will shine there (also, a ricochet barreled Fibber + Quasar = fast mob kills). VaultHunter101 is right in that the steepest part of the climb is nearly behind you- with a few more skill points you should be good to go…

Thanks for your input. And I do have a slayer of terramorphus com. It he problem I have is getting my anarchy up to max. The highest I usually get is 100-200. But I think I’ll try and get passed the 50s and see if that helps.

Going from what other people have posted in the past, going past 300 stacks may not be optimal anyway? I’d look at figuring out how to increase your stacks faster. That means faster and more frequent reloads, but that’s more gear-dependent for Gaige (since you already have Smaller Lighter Faster). Maybe some of the others like @MidnightNova or @pokapoka might be able to provide better insight.

From what I’ve see elsewhere, the legendary shotgun The Striker (obtained from Old Slappy as a sidequest Hammerlock gives you and it can also be a world drop) is good for pre stacking as you can get the mag size down to one and it reloads fast

Is that from getting downed, or are you activating discord without realizing it? If you’re using shotguns you should be able to get above 100 stacks fairly easily unless you’re using Bandit.

Yeah, it’s mostly from getting downed. Occasionally, when I’m using my smg to slag, I’ll discord. But it’s not often that it happens. I guess I need a better shotgun. I’ll try the striker. Something that gets my stacks up quicker.

At 72 you don’t need to get past 100, and that’s being generous, 70/80 is more than enough when on Op0.
At OP8, you don’t need to get past 250, unless you raid in which case it becomes a YMMV.

Not only this, but it’s also a surprisingly good shotgun in her hands for mobbing, despite that Anarchy suposedly contradicts the immense accuracy the Striker has.

In my own builds, I tend to max out Typecast Iconoclast since that makes prestacking faster/easier to deal with, and in cases you don’t even need to prestack at all while using that. A shame that only the legendary Anarchist can boost it up to 60% chance though.


Thank you guys for all of your advice, I’ll definitely use all of this while I’m playing. At the risk of sounding stupid, what is YMMV?

Your mileage may vary.

Thank you. Also, that is a really cute icon

@MidnightNova pretty much covered everything I was going to suggest.

Honestly, you can start on any mode, on any OP level with 0 stacks and do just fine.

150 stacks seems to be a sweet spot for damage vs accuracy, throwing in a Discord here and there for regen/large targets.

UNLESS you’re raiding, of course. Everything but the Darguns will require a minimal of 250 stack start.


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[quote=“boombumr, post:10, topic:1550706”]unless you’re using Bandit.
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Wel, it is Bandit we are talking about here. The manufacture that replaced S&S for magsizes and all without being of the same quality.


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So, I got the black hole shield, and it’s been really helpful.