Can someone help?

Another way to get stacks fast is area of effect grenades- seriously, hitting multiple targets at once with Typecast Iconoclast at max will raise your stacks in a hurry…

I’d like to get some opinions on the Veruc. I got it last night and like usin it. I find that it’s really accurate when zoomed in, and makes it easy to his flying targets. something that I have trouble with, generally. I also find with the low clip size, and the fact that it fires fast and reloads fast; that its better than my smg at gaining stacks. Is the Veruc a good weapon to use? Are there other very accurate weapons that I could be using instead?

[quote=“zombiebennett, post:21, topic:1550706, full:true”]So, I got the black hole shield, and it’s been really helpful.[/quote]That shield was made for Gaige - she can ramp up the shock damage, and with Blood Soaked Shields maxed out, only one critter needs to die to recharge it for another nova.

[quote=“zombiebennett, post:23, topic:1550706”]Is the Veruc a good weapon to use?[/quote]I think so; some people are bizarrely passionate about their distaste for assault rifles, but I think the Veruc is pretty good. Despite the wide spray, consider how many rounds go on target downwind for any burst fire. If you get a corrosive one, there’s a sweet spot where you can hit Loaders in both shoulders and their eye with any given burst (and they tend to amble slow enough that it’s not too difficult to pull off).

[quote=“zombiebennett, post:23, topic:1550706”]Are there other very accurate weapons that I could be using instead?[/quote]Oh sure, the list of weapons more accurate than the Veruc is almost too big to list. If you find the Veruc fun to use, go for it. If you want to find and use the single best and/or accurate weapon in the game, that’s a different story. The most accurate weapon in the game is probably some Jakobs or Hyperion sniper rifle (but I’m fascinated now by the question of which weapon actually holds this title).

I’m not looking for the most accurate gun. Though that would be nice to know. If what I read was correct, when zoomed, the spread of the Veruc, decreases when fired in bursts. So the shots are closer together. That’s something that I need for when I’m taking on flying enemies. I merely curious about that other assault rifles, smgs, pistols, etc, are good for Gaige to take as a mid to long range gun.

The Bitch SMG, once the first round or two are out of the barrel, has decent accuracy. A purple rarity Jakobs AR with scope is also sweet. I have a soft spot for the ones with the spinigun barrel (Instantly recognizable - it’s the one with three barrels on a rotating mount.) @Adabiviak already mentioned the sniper rifles.

Edit: for flying enemies, get yourself a Hornet (corrosive Dahl pistol from Knuckledragger). Plasma casters and Torgue weapons are tricky because the slower projectile speed means you have to lead the target; that said, if you stand with your back to a wall so they have to fly straight at you, they’re sitting ducks. The Teapot (from Tiny Tina’s Teaparty side quest) is also a really good corrosive pistol for this.

RE; Veruc.

Coincidentally, it is one of the rifles I use on my OP8 build. Love that purpled coloured bringer of pain.

Hammer Buster, Bekah (but have fun finding one admittedly), Hail, Ogre. I dare to say Emperor aswel but unless it is Flying it can be a bit of a tough cookie to get a hang off. Plasma Casters (perfering Maliwan, because Hyperion suffers the most from Anarchy inaccuracy from my experience).

Pistols I’m hardly versed with, but a Thunderball Fist or Evie should work.

Also, Pimpernel. Specially if you use nth Degree for things like Bunker…


Having just gotten my new Gaige to level 72 I can say that a corrosive Veruc is awesome vs buzzards- used a level 68 Deep Veruc to wipe them out in Sawtooth Cauldron. Even with triple digit stacks it’s still highly effective, especially vs larger targets like super/ultimate badass loaders and constructors…


Thank you guys for all the input.