Can someone list/explain Lilith's "BROKEN" skills?

I know from reading multiple sources that some of Lilith’s skills are “broken” or don’t perform exactly how they say they should. I’m playing Xbox360 version of BL1 and would like to know if anyone has the information or a link/source detailing these “broken” skills exactly as they are. This may be in another thread already, though, so any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve worked with the same build now for a long time but would like to know if I’m wasting points anywhere? Thanks.

The only one I could find mentioned is the Assassin tree capstone skill, Phase Strike.

Apart from that, she’s as OP as all get out. I built my Lilith as an Elemental Controller, and she’s literally a blast.

Just an fyi - a lot of people use the term “broken” to describe skills that they consider overpowered i.e. they “break” the game by making it too easy. Lilith was widely considered by many people to be too powerful a character when compared to the others when the game launched and several of her skills were nerfed - one I remember is that her daze effect was shortened. Skills that were actually not working as intended at game release (like phase strike) have been fixed, but there’s of course varying opinions about how good it is.


All skills decribed will be 5/5, no class mods.

Phasewalk’s base cooldown is 36 seconds, base duration is 6 seconds.

Blackout reduces cooldown of Phasewalk by 6 seconds per kill. That’s one Phasewalk every 6 kills.

Hard to Get decreases total cooldown by 16 seconds, (it’s 3.2% per level instead of the listed 3%) leaving it at 20. That’s 3 kills and 2 seconds that are gonna pass in between kills anyways.

Inner Glow lets you regenerate 7% health per second (similarly, it’s 1.4% per level rather than a round 1%) while you’re Phasewalking. That’s up to 42% of your health back every ~3 kills or 20 seconds.

Hit & Run increases Phasewalk duration up to 10 seconds. That’s 70% of your health every Phasewalk.

Blackout also triggers WHILE IN PHASEWALK. And since both Radiance and Phoenix can deal damage in Phasewalk, it is entirely possible to kill enough enemies without breaking stealth to immediately become invincible for a couple seconds again. And so on, and so forth.

Tl;dr: High-level Phasewalk makes Lilith invincible against crowds and overpowered against anything else. And that’s without any other skills or COMs.


Not only that, but she has 3 skills aimed at dazing enemies in her Controller tree. Adding those into the mix, she’s not only hard to kill, but enemies won’t even be able to shoot in the first place.

Thank you! I had heard in various forums some issues with certain skills being more effective at level 4 than 5, specifics of which I don’t recall, but this is a pretty damn good write up on the matter. Is this from a certain faq that is available online/here/gamefaqs perchance?

What I wrote down? That was just what I know from hours upon hours of gameplay, with a bit of help from the wiki for the exact numbers. As for the skill level fudgery, I remember some talk of it, but I don’t play Lily often, so I didn’t pay it much mind. Try digging around her sub-section on the forum, it ought to be there somewhere.

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oh. Cool. I’ll take a look again. I had a great thread on it a year or so ago on gamefaqs maybe? But I can’t find it anymore. I wish the Devs would just post crap on this, like, “Hey we fracked up; here’s the deal with Lilith’s fracked up skills.” Lol, I’m sure I can deal, though.