Can someone please explain Typhon logs?

I know how they function in the game but I’m on the last chapter and still have no idea who is talking on them, why they are important, and what Typhon means. Please explain this.

Typhon is talking in all of them, he was basically paid to make an ECHO series about his life / journey in exploring the galaxy in search for vaults. Aslan was his enemy but also his partner, they both sabotaged each other multiple times, in the end Aslan died.

Typhon left in search for the Eridian home planet with a fellow explorer who he also fell in love with, he still has his Vercuvian Back Ham.

They are important in backstory telling, the history of the vaults in his experience, the history of Montgomory Jakobs (Winnies father) and ultimately what Typhon did in his life and where he ended up.

They are just as important as the random ECHO logs you find all over the place too, its all about the backstory.

Typhon deleon is the name of the first vault hunter! Larger than life, smaller than tires. Also the very same man you’re listening at echocasts. He is basically talking about his adventures and leaving loots to young vault hunters, while earning money from echocasts aswell. A total badass, founder of great vault and a pure example of a vault hunter.


Thanks for explaining! Makes much more sense now.

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Holy crap that is a good explanation of him.