Can someone please tell me why my profile picture changed to Elli :)

As the title says, my picture is suddenly Elli. Now I don’t mind Elli, she’s badass and all. But I wonder if I should better change my password and stuff, or if someone from gearbox did bulk changes?

No worries and dont panic. It would seem the administrators implemented a random avatar for everyone to use as default. Of course its optional. It can be changed in preferences.

It surprised me as well, but I’m happy because who doesn’t like Jack? Luck of the draw right there.

KittyYo, thank you very much for your reply.
No worries about me being in panic, I was amused, but not freaking :slight_smile:

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Random avatar > colourful letters! I’d be all heck yeah if I got an Elli too!

I’d much rather keep my Cia. Thank you.

I think it’s only affecting people who didn’t upload their own avatar, but used the default.


(“Try to be a little more descriptive” rules ruining all my posts.)

I’d rather have mah SEXUAL TYRANNOSAURUS!!

Do not worry! It is still acceptable. And it is optional.
you can change it for preferences.