Can someone please

Is it possible for someone to make a level 70 melee nisha, I think there are some hybrid builds but no mainly melee, it seems it is possible. Any thoughts?

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@Afro_Samurai made one. It’s possible, though it’s not really what Nisha lends herself to.

The Thing is, most of her skills are made to alternate between melee and shooting, so it’s a bit against the grain to go ONLY melee.

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you can make a melee build for nisha, and it is viable at UVHM. however, all of her melee skills also either involve shooting directly or indirectly, so a hybrid play style is probably best for both your melee damage and your general DPS.
BTW @chuck80 could you link me afros build? i looked and couldn’t find it. if one doesn’t exist maybe either you or me should fix that, because melee nisha is good fun.

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Yeah that’s strange, I can’t find it either, Nor can I find Teks’ build (it was a hybrid, but very melee oriented focused around 10/5 Bottled courage and a Black Hole shield)

Maybe they were never ported from the old forum…

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we could make one for level 70. i saw afros video on youtube, but it was at level 50, and now with the new DLC and levelcaps, i feel like they are in need of an update.

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This is what I love to see, I think it could be a very good build :smile: and your right, a hybrid would work very well, but I haven’t seen a good level 70 one. Would be very cool to see experienced and well respected guys like yourselves do this!


You guys are right. I think the Whipper-Snapper needs a level 70/UVHM update. :grinning:

Give me a few days, I gotta pull up the old notes and study the footage. I’m revisiting Melee nisha at a slightly different Approach with UVHM and no probe.

Did mention no probe?

No probe.

do you want to do the honors, or shall i or chuck?

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I can manage both video and build description. I’m open to all who wish to give feedback, as always!

what would probably be wise is either making a thread or a group PM. as we are kind of thread-jacking.

Thread jack away :wink:

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IDK, as someone who enjoyed melee zero as my favorite character on BL2, I find that the whip takes too long to do, to make meleeing fun.