Can someone point me to a viable m4 build with moze

Im looking for a moze build. I keep trying but I just can’t nail something down. I have super duper god roll stuff so I dont care if thats a requirment. The problem is, even with all that stuff it just still feels like I can’t get enough momentum in M4.

I can heal with tracker grenades or the spring epicenter. It’s my gun damage that doesnt seem to stack up to other VH builds. I really dont want to go the tediore chucking route and im not to fond of the four launchers either. I guess if thats my only option, i’ll go with it. I just wanted to check with the community first to see if I could get some ideas


What are you currently using? I just beat* the game on M4 with moze waiting for the credits. I can help with blast master or mind sweeper. Not so much bloodletter I haven’t played around with that too much yet, and rocketeer in my opinion is useless.

I’ve tried it all. I’d be interested in hearing your blast master build. I’d like to try mind sweeper but I’m not sure i have a single mod for that class

Blast master is a lot easier to build for, and the mods are much more forgiving because there’s not dumb torgue cross promotion.

What blast master mods do you have? I can whip you up a build. The only thing I can’t beat is takedown because it’s buggy and no gaudrian ranks.

lets see, I have …

+2 pull the holy pin, +3 to vampyre with shotgun damage, grenade damage and grenade radius.

+1 holy pin, +3 vampyre and +1 redistribution with assault rifle damage, heavy weapon damage, grenade damage

+1 holy pin, +4 vampyre with sniper damage, shotgun damage and shield recharge

as far as relics and guns I have everything so just give me your best suggestions please. Thank you!

Using the +1 PtHP, +3 Vampyr, +1 Redistribution mod. This is a tried and true Blast master set up.

2x projectile ogre as your main weapon. If you have any anointmented ones that’d be great.

Shield big boom blaster as a first choice. Anything with a ‘on action skill end gain % element damage for 10 seconds’ is also good.

A lump launcher would be ideal for this with the heavy damage and some for the road, scourge is also good. Any vladof with a fast fire rate micro rocket, or even a big boy rocket. Only spam with some for the road, don’t reload.

Any high capacity assault rifle that’s accurate, doesn’t have to be explosive just for hitting long distances if you need to.

Westergun would be a good option for this as well, get one with a 44mag and single projectile in corrosive and maybe shock or radiation (maliwan so it comes with 2).

Dont reload unless there’s down time, you’ll find ammo gets put in your reserve so your magazine loses capacity after a while. It’s annoying but just let it sit at half until the fights over. Reload during hard fights of you really need to though.

Grenade homing purple divider. At least one divider, one bounce, and either a second divider or a mirv.

If you want to use an alchemist or redline or other sticky guns, swap weapons to detonate, just make sure you swap back or your magazine won’t refill ammo.

Couple of other things to add:

  • A binary westergun with 48 mag works perfect for this build

  • A kybs worth works even better

  • A binary kybs worth is amazing for this build but it’s damn near impossible to find with a decent magazine

You can also skip iron bank and some for the road, and put those points into a couple other spots if you have some good anointments for other guns or certain shields.

If you have good anointments you might want to take grizzled 5/5 and a couple points why can’t I carry these grenades if you have a bunch of on action skill end guns you want to take advantage of.

If you have a good shield that’s capable of staying up you can put 5 points in armored infantry.

Or lastly, keep the 4 points in iron bank, take one from Vampyr and some for the road, and put them in click click because you will have your mags down half way through every fight, might as well use that to your advantage for a ~12% boost in damage.

I haven’t gotten a kybs yet, but you’re probably right. I’ve seen good things.

I might have mistaken I thought it was 44 mag size, but it could be 48 thanks.

Kybs is basically a better westergun with a slightly more awkward firing pattern/range. If you get a Binary Kybs, it completely outperforms the Westergun because of the third projectile

I know you said you don’t have a Mind Sweeper mod. However, in terms of mobbing, it’s very very strong with something that uses multiple pellets, like a Maggie or Hellwalker (I have less testing with Hellwalker, myself). I have one Mindsweeper with + grendate dmg on it, and i will often use the maggie until trash mobs are fairly low. After, I can simply pick a new target, expecting the grenade spawns to kill them, which they tend to do. It also works to heal you slightly if your grenades are kinda low. Also-also, if you’re smart, you can get grenades to crit, and even the baby nades will crit, so you’re getting nades on nades on nades. With a maddening tracker, it’s insane.

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which relic should I use. I have a hot drop otto idol with assault rifle, ignite chance and area of effect, or elemental projector victory rush with weapon accuracy, mag size and incendiary…

also, do you use iron bear or hop out?

Either artifact could work. I love Otto idols, but that mag size + victory rush might come in handy in M4. Try both see what you like.

Moatly hop out of iron bear unless there’s something really annoying like an anointed militant. You can use iron bear if you want with this class, it wrecks.

Alright, so this build is awesome! The only thing is, it still isn’t on par with what I can do on Amara or fl4k. However, it isn’t super far off… Iron bear is super fun and effective, but I feel like there needs to be better cooldown. Maybe it will feel better when guardian ranks are back on. I also might move points to the cooldown skills like you suggested.

Other than that I feel like moze needs some more gun damage since she gets to activate anointments wayyyy less than other VHs. Jumping out of bear does make it a lot fast, but staying in bear is so much more fun and should be what is encouraged for moze. Thank you very much for the build!!!

So it depends some stuff depends on the anointments. For instance, I have an airborn ogre, and I’m always bunny hopping anyway so that’s 30 percent extra damage. There’s one that gives 120 (125 maybe?) percent extra splash damage for 18s after exit. Your shield can have 10s of bonus fire damage which doubles Moze’s damage as well. Once you get some of that stuff she’s good.

Amara is way more powerful, no way around that. Fl4k I dunno… I don’t think so though. Moze gets pretty strong just lacks a few things that seem to be oversights.

Once guardian ranks are back it’s sooo much better for iron bear cooldown. I think moze is crippled the most by them being bugged.

One tip btw, only use iron bear for about half fuel of you are going to use him. If you get out half way you get him back a lot quicker, trade off but it’s better to have him more often than waiting for that super long cooldown in case you need him. 5/5 grizzled should potentially shave off about 30 percent. Personally I get tired of using him because he only had like 2 effective weapons in M4, but if you’re having fun go for it.

Outside of Slaughter Shaft/3000, Trials and the Takedown, you can literally beat M4 with Iron Bear and Moze with any lvl 50 weapons that don’t suck.

If you want to do the end game M4 content as Moze, then you need to go down the Tediore fire chucker (shock chucker with the Transfoermer does crap damage) route with a lvl 1 Stop Gap shield or start abusing Brawler Ward by jumping off a cliff over and over to stack the weapon damage and other depleted bonuses. Or rely on a pimpin’ team to basically carry you.

Not that M4 end game content is impossible as a non abuse themed Moze, just that it’s unrealistically hard.

I’d say only the takedown is that hard. Slaughters aren’t really that bad. Slaughter star is hard but doable.

Only reason takedown is impossible is because it’s buggy with multiple people and the guardian ranks are broken.

Once they fix it and some of moze’s skills she will be a contender without exploit builds. Amara will probably be toned down too, like grenade spam moze was. I don’t care either way, just saying it’s likely. Didn’t they just nerf Amara?

They nerfed her new CM which was absurdly overpowered. She’s otherwise untouched though.

Slaughters get bad because of annointed zealot spam.

The zealot launchers are the thing I’m trying to find a non-exploited build to overcome in M4. Well, that and badass tink turrets and armored tinks. They hit so hard and so often it shakes your screen and you die pretty quickly.

I wish the SoR tree equally scaled shield size and recharge rate. It’s not even benefitial to make your shield larger (non deathless/bloodletter) because it takes ages to fill back up. I also wish Full Can of Whoop Ass wasn’t the most useless skill in the entire series… I want to find a use for it haha