Can someone power level my Siren please?

Preferably in TVHM so my normal mode campaign progress won’t be affected. I can give you a recurring hex in shock or a rain firestorm when we’re done as payment.

I am willing to help, if you are able/willing to return favor?


Message when I’m on. I can power level you

o Hired Gun o

I’ll send a message when I get back from lunch, thanks! Which would you prefer, the hex or the rain firestorm?

I have both, whatever is fine. Dont really need anything for it.

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Oh wow thanks then!

Im out for lunch now, can I join up when I get back?
Btw starfall, I was inviting you for lvls. Pbody got his 50

I saw that. You caught me right as I was getting ready to head out.

No sweat! Uouhad the right idea. Doing food now lol

I’m on now if you guys are

I should be on around 8 eastern time.

So that’s what, 3 hours from now? Sounds good. I’ll make progress through my story to reduce the power leveling work that will need to be done, thanks.

It doesn’t take long, like 20-30 mins usually. I’ll set up an offline lobby so, it goes pretty quick.