Can someone rate my build?

Current skills, haven’t begun the op levels yet so I’m unsure how it will behave there. Its been good so far, but I’ve never been good with making decent builds. Looking for any insight/advice! Also, this is all complimented by a Legendary Cat COM and bee shield, if that makes a difference to know. Thanks!

The Cat COM is a pure offensive item that offers little to no defensive abilities. Personally I feel you should have five points in Kinetic Reflection as it is quite powerful, especially when combined with Inertia. It will help you survive better against most enemies since I am assuming you are going to be rushing in guns blazing, especially with the Bee shield as it helps keep your shields up in what I am assuming is you going around beehawking everything?

Actually, I use the B*tch primarily, and whatever Ruin doesn’t slag, I have a Slagga for. I do use the Sandhawk on some of the “healthier” enemies in the game but I find it difficult to use in certain situations, although not as bad with Accelerate.

As far as skill points go… Where should I pull from to get KR? Thanks

All or most of Flicker and some of Helios. Flicker is only marginally useful - really with one point boosted by the L Siren COM. Helios is good but not worth maxing when those points can go into something more useful like KR or Immolate or healing skills (Elated for example). Also Accelerate is only good when maxed - which you do - but not great. Many leave it out altogether ( I go one point so I get the L Siren buff…which I’m using less and less).


That depends. Do you keep enemies Phaselocked to milk Wreck or do you hose them down as soon as you Phaselock them? If you do nuke immediately after Phaselocking them I would take points out of Suspension. If you have an e-tech cooldown relic with whatever element you fancy plus Quicken Phaselock will recharge quickly anyways.

Another route is to remove all but four points from Accelerate as well as the point from Res (unless you play a lot of co-op that is) and stick those points into Kinetic Reflection.

The skill setup I would use, in theory, would be something like this.

Now keep in mind I have never used a Cat COM for any length of time or SMG for that matter, I am just throwing out pointers in the usage of points that may work better for ya.

That aside in regards to shields I do advise an alternative to the Bee. It is a powerful shield for sure but you may want something that can take a beating when the need arises. My suggestion would be to try to get your hands on a Blockade for just general punishment taking. Failing that turtle shields can be quite useful as well as the Evolution and Neogenerator. The Antagonist is a good shield IF you stay away from static objects and keep enemies further than arm’s length, otherwise you will be slagged by the orbs released by the shield when you are struck. Standing behind waist high cover is enough for the shield to accidentally slag you.

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Thank you both for some input. I will respec and try out a few different things and get a feel for what works well with me. I suppose I don’t play enough co-op to always keep res in the line-up, and there’s always respec machines for those times anyway. And I like to milk wreck until the last second for the highest dps on as many enemies as possible. I’ll look around for some different shield options as well, I just love love love that damage boost!

With Bee usage and close to mid-range combat, I need more healing so I go deeper into Harmony. Using Troubled’s build I’d pull some (but not all) points from Helios, KR, Quicken or Mind’s Eye to get Elated/Sustenance/Life Tap. That can be mitigated with a Moxxi, but I like being a Moxxi. None of these suggestions are necessary if you’re keeping a bit more distance. My style is highly variable, so I need to cover all my bases.[quote=“brendonkeister, post:6, topic:1556956”]
I like to milk wreck

Get a Legendary Binder - it’s far more useful than the L Cat. 10/5 Suspension - it’s ridiculous. AND you’re not tying yourself to a SMG ( Lady Fist, Harold, Hyperion shotgun, etc. ).


If I know the area well I can generally keep enough distance that I take no damage whatsoever and hence keep the bee at full charge. But again I have never done (well thats a lie, I did a few years ago on ps3, but it has been a long time) Digi Peak so I can’t really predict enemy spawns as well as the areas of the main game and even the other add ons.

I have a l binder, to the bank vault it is when I get back on, I’ll give it a try

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The Bee works pretty well in the Peak, if you know what you’re doing, but for general mobbing, it’s really bad. It’s a shield for specific situations. I strongly recommend getting something else to have as an alternative when you need some better protection.

You’ll need the points you have in Cataclysm to get all the way down to Ruin. The only thing that I’d change would be moving the points in Helios to Immolate. I never felt that it was justified to have 5/5 in Helios, considering the actual usefuleness on it. One point might go there if I run with a L. Binder COM, but that’s the only time. Immolate, on the other hand, is quite useful whenever you go into FFYL. Some people would advice you to NOT go into FFYL, which seems kinda obvious to me. But when you DO go into FFYL… Your choice!

I’d leave 1/5 in Accelerate to reap the benefits from the COM, and move the rest to Elated. Unless you’re relying on the Grog for healing. In that case, those points fit better in KR. If you’re going solo, then the point in Res is redundant, and can be of better use elsewhere.

Running the Peak with the Bee requires you to duck for cover whenever possible, and also to spec into every skill that improves it’s dleay and recharge rate. A Bitch sounds like an excellent choice to me. Keep that Sandhawk ready for the larger and slower enemies.


I’ll second the Leg. Binder recommendation. I have a Leg. Cat but have never used it, the Binder is just so awesome. :slight_smile:

Regarding allocation of points in Cataclysm, I go with 1 Flicker, 3 Helios, 5 Immolate. Let’s face it, everyone goes into FFYL at times, and that’s a heck of a nice bonus to getting up. 8/5 Helios still melts flesh enemies, and Flicker has never impressed me.

For the Harmony part of the tree, I’d move four points from Mind’s Eye to Elated. That synergizes really well with long phaselocks (Suspension) where you milk Wreck for damage. Personally I do a Ruin-Scorn Maya so I go all the way down that tree, but if you’re staying at 15 points definitely take Elated.

I don’t have a lot to say about Motion, since like I said that’s the tree where I only go to 15. Just be aware that Accelerate will complicate your usage of Pimpernels. I think a lot of people just put one point there so they can boost it with a COM if they want it, and otherwise it will have a negligible effect on Pimps and other guns that dislike Accelerate. I think people who go 26 Motion almost always do so for one of Sub-sequence or Thoughtlock, for what that’s worth.

Shields - Troubled covered the usual suspects. To me the Bee is a special purpose shield mostly used for fighting certain bosses. I haven’t gotten a Neogenator to drop yet, and haven’t started taking on raid bosses, so I mostly use just an absorb shield or an adaptive shield depending on the area. (Just hit 72 about a week ago :slight_smile:)


So far I cleared op 1+2 with pretty basic gear- a Bitch, Slagga when Ruin didn’t get those outside of Converge’s reach, a Bee (don’t really have much else yet…), Butcher, Rubi, Leg. Cat (figured I would give it a try before I ditched it and so far so good, still have the Leg. Binder in my line-up though), interchanged with MM, Fastball, Leech. Don’t think I’m missing anything. After I finished op2 I am starting to farm for higher gear, just to keep up. Haven’t died yet!


Luckily the Bee can be used throughout the Peak as Ronnie mentioned. I used to have trouble with the Assassins keeping it up but have figured that out. You wouldn’t stand a chance with it in Sawtooth Cauldron though - or rather, I wouldn’t.

You’ll find as you get up to OP4? with the dual Scorches and the dual Black Queens ( plus the Monarch & Centurion spiderants and other badasses ) that that L Binder is way more useful.

Here’s what I’m running at the moment, definitely going to move 2 points from Helios and put one in Immolate and one in Flicker, just for the COM boosts. Elated was a very nice skill for me to pick up I’m finding out, very helpful. And I’m not really noticing any difference with only 1 point in Accelerate so that’s not a huge loss from before. Kinetic Reflection has also been pretty nice in the rounds with Loaders and Marauders.

Edit: I can’t keep it up vs the assassins too well (not too bad either I suppose though), but I’ve been able to take them out without going into FFYL, so far that is.


I would move the points in KR or Elated into Sweet Release which is a great form of healing. KR isn’t that great without a Trickster COM and SR trumps Elated by healing you after Phaselock kills which is stronger than a few seconds of % based healing.

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I do like SR, I’ll play around with it again and see how I like it. As long as the life orbs don’t disappear too soon I’m sure it will be effective. I only like Elated because it’s an instant healing effect. Truthfully I should rely more on a Moxxi gun probably because it’s a much faster and potent heal, especially with Phaselock+Ruin.

Elated may be instant, but it’s not enough to keep you alive at the higher OP levels imho. Sweet Release is basically full healing at 4/5. A Moxxi gun is useful for certain parts of the peak. Normally I recommend subsequence with a Binder setup but it’s not as useful on the Peak due to the wide open spaces for the bubble to be lost in.

It’s been a while since I’ve don a DP run and this build is more for general mobbing than boss/raid bosses but it can support just about every Maya legendary com well with the exception of the L. Nurse I believe. Good luck on your continued efforts on the Peak! :grinning:


Definitely gonna have to try this one! Need a little more survivability at this point and SR isn’t doing it alone. Op4 bere I come!

Keep in mind that Digistruct Peak is the hardest patch of dirt in Borderlands 2. Once you clean its clock you can pretty much go back to whatever build you prefer, though some will be obsolete by the time you finish up the Peak. With up to par gear OP8 does not feel a whole lot different than OP0 barring a few enemies such as turrets and some other enemies.