Can someone rate my build?

That’s what Quasars are for :stuck_out_tongue: SS works best after Dukino’s Mum on the Peak, but you’ll be kicking yourself when you don’t have it! Chasing Surveyors is the biggest drawback.

I second and third and fourth the SS/Binder suggestions, with 10 points in Reaper you can OHKO most small enemies and with 10 in Wreck you can burst badasses and mini-bosses. 10 in Suspension also makes SS virtually mandatory with a Binder, and if you put one point in Sweet Release you’ll be getting 3-4 procs of it per PL which will render all other healing skills obsolete, bar Life Tap, but with a Binder you always want to be running SS so LT misses out, though you’ve got SR to make up for that.

As for your weapons, I’d go for something with high base damage like a Snider/Pimpernel or a high powered shotgun to really benefit from Reaper. The Bitch is great for Wreck abuse, especially against Constructors, but on the Peak you may want a Sandhawk for bosses and in particular Dukino’s Mum. For general mobbing I’d suggest a Blockade, but the Peak has plenty of cover to utilise The Bee, just make sure you max out Ward.

This is the build I’ve been running for about two years now, with a Legendary Binder, it’s great for general mobbing, DigiPeak, and raiding, with a few gear changes depending on the area/scenario -


I ran this setup-

With a leg. Siren com and cleared op4 only went into ffyl once. I’ll try it again and of things don’t work out I will try that out.


When I run Sub-Sequence in the Peak, I mostly pair it with Legendary Siren. Still get consistent second and sometimes third Converges, but don’t lose a ton of time if it flies away. That allows me to swap into L Binder for Black Queens, etc.


I like your current setup. SS is great but does take some learning if you haven’t used it before. So you might want to do a few OP 0-3 runs with it.

Some COM absolutes for me : if I can’t PL, go L Cat ( if I think I need to BeeHawk). So only Saturn and OMG ; L Binder on PL-able bosses. Scorch, et al. Otherwise LS or LB work equally well ( but LB is more fun :grin: )


The cooldown and movement speed increase are proving very useful with LS COM, I was having a lot of fun with my LC dps focused build but it just wasn’t for the Peak.

I run almost the same thing. Slif_One. Only difference is I put one point from cool down into Fleet. And I don’t value minds eye to much, so I put them in elated.

Sorry to belabour your thread : what relic are you using? Safe to say most of us use a corrosive Bone.

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No need to apologize, all the feedback and different skill specs are actually quite enlightening. As for relic, I switch between incendiary and shock bone, I can’t find my corrosive one. Probably going to farm some LLM in the preserve for some updated gear, just cleared op5 so I think it’s about time to do so


Around op5 or the next one you’ll probably need to refarm gear for the final push. A corrosive bone is your best option on the Peak, though a shock bone is better against some enemies as other threads on the forums have looked into. Fire bones aren’t as good on the peak as hardly anything is susceptible to fire (the marauders and such are susceptible to corrosive on the Peak only.

I always plan on a full reset at OP8, so why not do a full reset at op5 or six? That way, you can duck into the Scarlett DLC and quickly refarm an Orphan Maker, Jolly Roger, Sandhawk, and Pimpernel. You can go into the Tiny DLC for a quick Bee. A few Snowman runs on top of that and you should have gear for the final OP runs. You don’t need the full suite of everything, just a solid weapon in each major slot. Stuff like magic missiles, BOTA’s, and Quasars can still be used from lower levels as the stat variance isn’t that great or you want an effect that matters more than damage numbers. Similarly, your L72 COM’s will be just fine, as the plus five stats matter more than the increased card numbers.


How does the full reset thing work? I haven’t done any side missions or any sort of dlc at all on my UVHM playthrough, because I wanted to wait for OP8. You’re saying I can get another sandhawk and not use my lv53 one? Lol (still deals plenty of damage with a Bee, just by the way). You’re sayimg I can go get a pimp now and then reset later for one at op8?

As far as COM’s and relics, I’ve been using pretty much the same ones unless the LLMs drop one with better stats per chance. My L Binder COM is still lv62 :stuck_out_tongue: also trying to find another corrosive bone, guess I didn’t put it in my vault I’m not sure where it went.

You can do a full reset from the main character screen (if you are on it you have to reload the same char) at any time in UVHM. You might as well do one now, re farm for the last push then do another at OP8. However, take a shot at OP6 first and see, you’ve made it this far with under leveled gear…

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Wish I had know that before, hahaha. Well, I’ll see just how far I can get

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I don’t value it much either, they’re just placeholder points to get down to Wreck, only need one in Sweet Release since L. Binder gives it +5.

Accelerate is another skill I don’t particularly value, though unlike what others say I find it beneficial to the Pimp, shooting a Nomad’s foot while it’s in Phaselock for example is easier than circling around his shield to hit him in the crotch or knee, and I find it easier to kill spiderants with Accelerate as the “sweet spot” is more exposed, but it’s a learning curve. I also use a Twister, and Accelerate benefits slow projectiles, plus sometimes I switch to the Cat and run double Tattlers which benefit greatly from Accelerate.

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After being unable to continue progress on the peak (stuck at dukino’s mom) I decided to farm for some more gear. Got a corrosive lady fist and corrosive sandhawk both at op6, I’m just waiting to turn in mission progress for the pimpernel, I know I should probably get the gentleman’s for crit damage, but what element is generally regarded as the “best” for a build similar to mine?

Firstly, you want a barking prefix over Gentleman’s, base damage >crit damage.

As for element, if this is exclusively for DigiPeak, corrosive.


Alrighty, thanks for the feedback. Guess I know what I’m doing after work!

If you’re on PC, you don’t have to choose. Set your save file to read-only, then farm away, taking any Pimpernel you want to keep to Claptrap’s Stash (that’s stored in your player profile file, not the character save file). There you go, 3-4 Pimpernels per playthrough instead of the usual one!

Barking is the preferred prefix, but if you find a Gentleman’s with a grip and stock you like, that’s fine too. Depends how much time you’re willing to spend farming.

Wish it was that easy! I’m on PS4. Wish I was on a good PC cause then I could play with my boss, he’s the one who got me into Borderlands in the first place.

This is my build for OP7 but I just unlocked it so I dont have much experience
Also I am using a legendary cat class mode.

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Why do you say corrosive for DigiPeak?I am stuck on Dukino mum on op7 run.Do all enemies get same damage from all elements?I read somewhere they do.Is it true?