Can someone rate my build?

Check these threads :

And this one from yours truly :

I stuck a brief synopsis in my OP that is probably mostly accurate.


Thanks for this, very informative. I had heard something along these lines but never really read into it, put it in the back of my mind somewhere and forgot about it- that is until I actually made it to the point to go to the Peak lol. Just cleared it on op6, once more on op7, then maybe farm some before I reset and play through the game on op8. :smile:

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Interesting. I used legendary cat for a while, I’ve been having a lot of fun with legendary binder though, and its also very effective. Is the smg damage increase noticable? I was focusing too much on smgs and burning up ammo faster than the avenger could regen. Now I run a corrosive lady fist, corrosive sandhawk, and corrosive pimpernel, and have a thunderball fists in there somewhere. Lady fist is pretty effective vs dukino’s mom (at least when I was op6 it was, about to try op7).

Having a lot of trouble on my OP7 =>OP8 run! The assassins are, well assassinating me every time! The build:

The gear: (all are op5-7)
-L. Binder COM
-Corrosive BoA
-Lobbed Storm Front (trying AGAIN to get a Quasar…)
-Big Boom Blaster, Bee for Dukino’s mom and BA Slag Skags (seriously, eff those guys)
-Corrosive Pimpernel
-Corrosive Lady Fist
-Grog Nozzle
-Last slot changes between Orphan Maker, Corrosive Sandhawk, and a pile of other legendaries in my arsenal depending on the situation.

Even though I have the Grog Nozzle, I seem to be off by like half a second with my timing of when I switch, because by the time I have switched, I’m already in FFYL with the GN in hand. I can’t even kill ONE of these guys, let alone all 4. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Something I can improve on? Obviously if I were quicker on the dpad (oh yea, PS4 here just by the by!) It would make a presumably tremendous difference. Thing is I switch almost as soon as I take health damage at all.

Warning, this will be long, so bare with me on this…

I read your reasoning for not wanting to use The Bee, and while I understand it really is your best chance for beating the assassins. Ward will keep it charging quickly, though the squishyness is a problem, I throw out grenades in that fight regularly for health recovery with the Grog. Singularities are your best bet, not only will they group the assassins together and keep Rouf from jumping around or Oney from charging, but they’ll also give you a few seconds of no damage to recover health and recharge your shield. Oney has a huge health pool and Reeth a huge shield, The Bee is the best way to drop them quickly and that’s what you need to do before they swarm you.

If you get a double spawn, focus Wot first, you can kill him in one PL with The Bee + Sandhawk and use your cooldown time to kite Reeth, if left unchecked Wot will melt you fast and move behind cover. If you get the Spider tank spawn, don’t kill it until after Wot and Reeth are down or the other two will spawn. The quad spawn is the worst, you need to kite and throw a lot of singularities, Oney is your best target there as once they’re grouped you can hit him hard and let Chain Reaction do heavy damage to the others, possibly killing Wot and Oney simultaneously. Never take your eyes off Rouf and always keep moving as he’ll jump around and attacks with hit-and-run tactics, singularities will keep him in check, they’re your most important tool for a quad spawn.

As for switching to the Grog, even if you’re not attacking have it out and throw grenades or fire just to apply Cloud Kill while you’re on cooldown. You’ll learn to use the pipes as cover the same way Wot does, but Rouf jumps on top of them to hit you from above so you really can’t stop moving while he’s out, just keep kiting but stay close to the pipes and peek out to throw grenades or PL. Most of DigiPeak is pretty easy with Maya, but the assassins are the hardest section with her as she relies so heavily on Phaselock and you can’t kill all four in one cycle.

Practice makes perfect, hone your skills and diversify your tactics, sometimes you have no choice but to try a different playstlyle or loadout and the assassins are your biggest test, even if you have to change gear just for that fight. Not having a singularity makes it hard, and farming for one can be a massive grind, but they’re your best friend on the Peak.

As for your build, one point in Sustenance isn’t doing much and if you’re using a Grog Elated isn’t that big of a deal, especially at high OP where most heavy hits healthgate you anyway, I’d recommend trying a Binder build with Sub-Sequence, it’ll help you clear adds during the assassin fight and multiple procs of Converge is a hard CC that’s as effective as singularity grenades. I assume you’re currently using a Binder due to one point in Sweet release, with a 10 second PL you can get multiple procs of SS, usually 3-4, and with Helios being as strong as it is plus the hard CC and multiple procs of Ruin for mass and refreshed slag, you can clear mobs with incredible speed to make fighting the bosses easier.

For Dukino’s Mum, if you get the midget spawn don’t kill them, instead Phaselock one and take advantage of the Wreck bonus to drop her quickly, with the Wreck and Reaper boost from the L. Binder it’s a strong choice, and in my experience a superior one to the L. Siren on the peak, but it works best with SS as you’re often wasting a 10 second Phaselock otherwise.

The above strategy is also a good way to quickly kill Constructors, often you can kill them before they get to attack with a Wreck boost.


Thanks for the reply, and for the tips! I suppose I will give the Bee another shot. Never been great at keeping it up in CQC, but like you said practice makes perfect! It’s been a while since I’ve used a subsequence build, back in the ps3 days to be exact. I could give it a few tries. Yea, I forgot to spec out of a couple of those healing skills when I picked up the Grog yesterday! And yes, L. Binder has been my COM choice for a couple weeks now, after someone here mentioned it, I think you actually. I got two UBA varkid spawns last night, no Quasar. Suppose I will make a couple varkid runs then the loot train, rinse and repeat. Seems to be an integral part in so many builds. That pull radius is so… Attractive. Heh.

I think you’ll be better off with the train or red chest farming and just look for a decent longbow singularity with a 0 or low as possible fuse time, UBA Varkid spawns are rare solo and getting one to drop a Quasar, then looking for a longbow with 0 fuse time, ugh it’s a hassle. Finding a good singularity point blank is a hassle really, but they are extremely useful. If worse comes to worse and you’re desperate, there are bound to be people on here who can help if you need one, but if you prefer farming yourself then I’d recommend general farming over UBA Varkids.

The Binder is extremely powerful, but it loses a lot of its influence without Sub-Sequence as you’re likely to lose a 10 second PL and not be able to take full advantage of Wreck. Non-SS builds prefer a L. Siren or Cat. Binder can work without SS if you don’t like it, but it’s less efficient. The only thing I’d always advise against on DigiPeak is Thoughtlock, though some like it and it’s not bad, just less efficient than holding a high-priority target in place, especially the assassins, you want to bind one and kill it before PL runs out.

Other than that, good luck and happy hunting!


While @Slif_One and I are both heavy proponents of the Binder/Subsequence setups, go to youtube and take a look at @Derch 's Twisted Pimp build or basically any of his videos as he uses the same build pretty much all the time. It’s a more balanced build in many ways than the Binder/Subsequence. In terms of DPS, there’s a thread from a long, long time ago that I’m not going to bother looking up, but he ran the numbers and his build wins out most of the time slightly in terms of DPS. The difference is not much though, so either setup will work well. In addition, you get Life Tap, probably Maya’s best survival skill after Sweet Release. Just wanted to throw out a good alternative to you, as you may find that setup fits your playstyle better. His build works fine without the Twister, which is a ridiculously hard farm to get one in the first place, let alone one with decent parts.


I have heard of the build, looked into it a while ago and forgot about it (don’t know why), I’ll try the Binder/SS build first then go from there. I have a good feeling about the way things will turn once I respec a little bit and try some different things/gear out. Just gonna be trail and error. I wanna thank all of you kind folks here for the helpful tips and pointers, it’s a great help and a real eye opener on all the possibilities!


Actually, I think it’s an easy farm, but it’s too heavy on time and RNG for the drop (and parts obviously). The Pre-Dexi part is super easy - if not boring, but it’s kinda painful spending all that time just circling around, and more painful if he doesn’t drop it!!

Besides. A Blockhead easily fits in it’s place for damage and is way easier to farm.


Splitting hairs :grin:, ridiculously long and RNG dependent to farm OOO for a Twister with good parts. There’s so many good shotguns with Maya too, like the Blockhead. I like the CC and the Butcher for the balance of ammo efficiency and damage, plus the Hyperion accuracy, Interfacer when I don’t need to worry about ammo count.

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Outside of PL and against enemies below 50%, L. Siren wins, but there are variables to consider that can not be construed with math. Most of Maya’s damage comes from enemies in Phaselock, and in Phaselock the L. Binder wins hands down thanks to Wreck, Reaper allows for one-shot kills against squishier enemies, and even without SS an extra 2.5 seconds is a long time for a Phaselock, SS is simply there to make sure you reap the full benefits from the 10 second duration as Chain Reaction tends to kill your bound target. Outside of Phaselock more often than not you’re preparing for your next one with singularities or applying mild damage or Cloud Kill for life-steal during the cooldown cycle. An argument can be made for the L. Siren’s extra cooldown as well, but if you’re taking SS then you’re passing Quicken along the way, 4 points + L. Binder = same cooldown as L. Siren.

Life Tap is, in my opinion, the strongest argument for a L. Siren build, as it frees up a fourth weapon slot and means you can sustain fire without the need to switch. But Grog healing usually occurs between PL cycles anyway, and Maya doesn’t necessarily need a fourth damaging weapon so she can afford the utility for gauntlet runs. Scorn is another moderate argument, being able to apply slag at long distance while in FFYL can be seen as an advantage, but the sacrifice is the difference between multiple PL cycles to clear a mob with the odd one or two kills inbetween cooldowns, or clearing a mob with just one PL. It’s all about perspective, numbers are very important but there is no mathematical equation for the constant variables encountered in gameplay. At the end of the day though there is another variable, and that’s playstyle. Some people simply prefer L. Siren to Binder/SS, I’d recommend trying both as I have myself (I believe I was experimenting with L. Siren when I met @ChemicalConundrum), but as someone who runs DigiPeak at OP8 often with friends and solo, the Binder/SS build has always been more reliable. Especially coop, mass CC from Converge and multiple procs from Sweet Release are a Sirensend (See what I did there?), either can work solo but if you intend to play coop too, L. Binder > L. Siren.

Not denying how good it is/can be, but as a replacement for the Twister that’s a tough call. Maya likes to use the Twister for close-range encounters and one-shot kills, the main draw being the neutral element. Using a Blockhead in that role means having a corrosive utility weapon too, along with your two primary weapons, or having one neutral primary which would be less efficient. That is, unless you had a totally different loadout to compliment the Blockhead.

I’d rather a neutral Interfacer in place of a Blockhead, although again there’s the problem of being extremely difficult to farm… But OOO can drop it too :stuck_out_tongue:


Unfortunately that’s another massive RNG grind. Since restarting on the PS4 which is some time now, i’ve yet to pick a decent one. Personally i use a Practicable Heartbreaker in most mobbing, although i did get my hands on a decent Interfacer. I ran tests with the Blockhead, and the DoT damage is insane because all the blocks can add to the damage. Maybe i’m unusual, but i rarely use my Twister.


If you have yet to do so try Creature Slaughter- the second round usally features 1-2 ultimate badass varkids that can (on rare occasions) spawn Vermiverious. If you don’t get a Quasar after the kill just quit the game w/o saving and you can repeat the round…


I had forgotten about that! Thank you! Will do that tonight when the gf is done watching netflix

Also if you have an abundance of golden keys to burn through, you might get a purple singularity from the Sanctuary chest. Could happen.

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Soooo I may or may not have spawned Vermi while farming that UBA Varkid :sweat_smile: needless to say, I died. Not immediately but hardly put a dent in his health.


sigh well, does anyone have a Quasar or at least a singularity with longbow and as close to 0 fuse as possible they would like to trade? My best singularity is a green slag one, but the fuae is 2.4 so yea. Its sort of awful. I have a L. Psycho COM, L. Torch COM, L. Mechromancer COM, L. Anarchist COM, one of the assassin’s leg COMs (can’t remember which, Hunter maybe?) And a small stockpile of various legendary guns let me know what you want to trade, please!


Let us know which platform you’re on and maybe add a thread in the trading post section of said platform.

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PS4 here, I will do that, thank you!