Can someone rate my build?

Dunno if I’ll be on today, but send me a friend request and if I catch you on I can help out. I have Quasars on a few characters that I don’t often use, and a couple of purple slag singularities, trading is not necessary as I’ve been stocking up gear for years so I’ll gift you some free ones but if you insist I’m sure you can find something nice that I don’t have.

I believe the slag singularities have a larger pull radius than the Quasars though the difference is marginal, but the Quasar is good for stripping heavy shields, I use them during cooldown to gather enemies and often right before a Phaselock so the grunt of the damage is done while the enemies are slagged by Ruin. Both Longbow 0 fuse time.

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Thanks a million! I’ll add you tonight and whenever I see you, I see you! Is there anything you’ve been looking for and haven’t found? Or anything I should start looking for? I’d feel bad just taking it!

Tonight? Our timezones may align, please tell me you’re from Australia? :open_mouth:

Nothing in particular I can think of right now, maybe a Hammer Buster if you have one? I lost mine a while ago, having no luck with McNally (admittedly I only kill him in passing) been wanting to put it up against my Bekah on Zer0.

No, east coast of the US, I don’t know how much our time zones differ but its the weekend and I’m usually up until 2am, sometimes even 3 or 4, on the weekend, 9pm right now.

I do have a Hammer Buster, but I think it’s only OP2… Maybe 3. When I get on I will check. 302xxx damage. I’ll make a few runs for one and see what I turn up, or farm LLM’s for another one!

I’m usually up until 3-4am on weekdays lol, I get up at 7:30 :confused: I sleep in all weekend though haha, so backwards. I’ll be jumping on shortly if you’re around? Wont be on for long though.

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I probably will be on in a few as well!

Okay, just send me a friend request!

@Slif_One and @Sun_Tsunami, thank you both again! You guys were quite the help, or should I say you really destroyed everything in our path! Had a great time playing with you guys, maybe someday if our schedules line up we will play again! I know I could learn a lot!