Can someone recommend a good corrosive jakobs

Or a good corrosive gun in general for Flak.

The only Corrosive Jakobs is a masher given in the dlc story.

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Rose’n Thorns. I use this and it carried me though the Takedown and this DLC on M4. Its sticky functionality is spectacular for Loaders, Contact is great for those Armored Bandits.

Using Leave No Trace and Two F4ng make this gun destroy Loaders. Just aim for the crit and start sticking. You will either: one, reach the stick limit and they will auto detonate or 2 reload and watch the health bar drain. Both result in a dead Loader :smiley:


Nice I’ll try it out, I’ll see if I can farm a gamma burst one for extra nastiness.


If you have the DLC this is a beast…

I think Rowan’s Call can be Corrosive, maybe?

Yes. I might have on PSN if you are needing one…

Rowans has only been seen in fire, shock, and radiation.

The Lucians, a Vladof gun, has been seen in Corrosive, cryo, and fire.

I really wanna know the story here :joy: