Can someone send me links to Lvl. 80 OP10 builds?

Most of the builds I see here are outdated Level 72 OP8 ones.
I’m looking for a build that focuses on Pure DPS with Assault Rifles.

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You can still use them and add that 8 extra points as you want.
Also maybe this will help, there are some builds listed.


The only skill that is relevant to ARs is Overload and that’s a poor use of points. So there are no specific build tips for ARs compared with other guns.

LazyData’s build in the above link is a good example. COM choice might move a few points here and there. My assumption is that it’s based on the L Soldier which is generally the best from a DPS standpoint.

Personally I’d take the points from Forbearance and max Quick Charge and get at least one point in Healthy, and pull some points out of Guerilla’s tier one for Able if not using any Moxxi. The two health skills work well together so it’s either both or neither.


I’ve pinned the Axton Master Build List to the top of this section in the hopes it gets a bit more visibility - I see a number of level 80 builds listed in this section but none have been submitted to the build list.

That said, as @GrzesPL points out, any of the level 72-OP8 builds that that catch your eye can pretty much be used as is, with the extra points spent on whatever enhances the build aspects you feel are weakest. There’s a detailed skills breakdown listed in the pinned Community Guides thread if you want to check what works best.

Feel free to subsequently add to the build list thread!


This adding the extra 8 points wherever you want. I was done with bl2 when they raised the lvl cap again, but i can safely say this build made 72 OP8 fairly easy in most areas

Gear is just explosive stuff like the ogre, Harold, creamer, and SWORDSPOLSION!!!.
Blockade, magic missle, explosive relic

5 in QC, 1 in Gemini, 2 in steady maybe


Thanks, by the way, can you send a guide for other characters?

It really is just a matter of browsing the existing 72’s and adding 8 points where you want.

Axton seemed to benefit the most, followed by Hellborn Krieg, then Sal, Gaige, Maya all about the same and Zer0 the least.

What would be a more pertinent question is : what 8 points would you add to build “X”? As it is I get the impression you’re getting your characters “pre-fab” which is a poor way to learn the skills and build construction.

Maya, Salvador, Zer0, Krieg
Gaige one might be wip.