Can someone suggest a good starter build?

Hi all, I’ve just levelled up my first character (Zane) and I’m looking to start farming stuff in mayhem 1 maybe 2. At the moment I’m using a kill skill build (hitman capstone and the rest in double agent). I’ve seen a lot of builds but most of them require specific legendaries which I don’t have. Is there a good starting point? I would like to play as Cryo zane but I don’t have any decent Cryo weapons.

With Brainfreeze, you don’t need a cryo weapon, they just help freeze faster. Most builds say they’re gear-dependent, but really you can use purple alternatives. Might not be as efficient, but more than doable. So, just take a decent high fire rate weapon and you’ll probably be able to pull off cryo Zane until you get some legendaries under your belt.

In mayhem 1 all U need is half decent green weapons mate. By Cryo if U mean CCC builds then pick pangolin shield with no amp and roll it. It is big yikes for me tho I mob with 0 capstones sometimes and never bother with cryo