Can someone trade me a rain firestorm! :)

Looking for the rain firestorm, been doing red jabber for a while on mayhem 3 and with loot increase relic but still nothing plus I am sometimes tired of dying by all the jabbers around me. Also been doing Graveward and no luck as well! Willing to trade it with any legendary that someone else needs (if I have it) :slight_smile: PSN: Whitelite93

I have a diluvian firestorm

looking for annointed lasersploders any element

I have a Rain firestorm and will trade it for any Last stand artifact . PSN: Isadoor123

Hi OP, I will see if I have it, but if I don’t I’ll keep in mind while I’m be hunting. I have a few other anointed weapons (can’t remember the names).

I have one. Looking for a Cryo Recurring Hex

Hi @isador123,
I will check to see if I have any, but if I don’t I’ll keep it in mind so I don’t leave it behind!

Hi knittlenick!
I’ll see if I find one, I have been struggling finding any recurring hexes myself! After farming yesterday, I haven’t got any of them besides stormfront and surges b2b.

Thanks man!