Can someone upload pictures of their Hodor and rodoth pathways?

HI folks I’m gonna be getting on porting HWU over to RM here but I’m running into issues setting up the pathways right, so I was wondering for those that have done it if you wouldn’t mind posting pictures of your working pathways so I can edit mine as needed.

Not sure how much screenshots would help, but here’s the scripts I used for my batch conversion, slight modifications of something @bitvenom posted when Rodoh was new

The Rodoh script to produce the collada files:

The Hodor script to make the new hods:

I mostly muddled through the syntax with trial and error, and that was some months ago now, so I don’t have a lot more advice at the moment than the examples.

KAPLA got it working =)

Can also use HODOREST :3

problem that I’m having with rodoh atm is that some things are not being converted to DAE, says unknown type, unknown version, does anyone else have experience with that?

Like some ships are not being converted and neither are some subsystems like the Qwaar Jet’s ion turrets.
Qwaar Jet mark 2’s ion turrets