Can someone with their own PS4 account and console play with his account and character in my console?

My friends and I have each a PSN account and a PS4. We want to play Borderlands together in split screen, but we wach want to use our own PSN account, so any progress can be saved.

I don´t know if thats possible with the PS4, but with the Xbox 360 a friend could come to my house, download/recover his Xbox account, play with his account in my Xbox and then go back to his house and recover his account with all the progress saved.

Is this possible with the PS4?

Yes. Make sure you both are signed in to your accounts, then go into the game. If your friend has a character on their own PS4 that they want to play on yours, though, make sure they start the game as Player 1 so they can download thier character.

Thank you very much, thats very helpful.

But the first problem we encounterd was that I couldn´t sign into my account in his PS4. The only user related options were to create or delete users.

How can I sign into my PSN account from another PS4?

Yes, you have to set up another user and all the PSN account details to access it. You don’t have to have the credit card details you can skip that bit. But that’s the only way you can do it and it’s pretty easy and quick.

Once the account is setup then you switch to the main user and then access the other account in game.

Do you know how to sign into the account because when I tried it said can not sign into another network