Can something good happen to Claptrap please?

I don’t know, but I’m getting tired of all the Claptrap abuse. Like, the TVHM and UVHM endings for Claptastic Voyage really irked me. Does Gearbox think that’s funny or something? I’m just sort of curious of why they went that route instead of maybe some sympathy? The ending really makes the other vault hunters look like absolute dicks in my opinion, and I’m pretty sure Gearbox wants us to like these guys.


Excellent question!

I get the feeling he’s gonna be kinda badass in the next-game. But everyone hating him is kinda his “gimmick”

Yeah, ive got tired as well of bashing Claptrap all the time. For me Claptrap is the TRUE hero of Borderlands universe so far.


My wife’s quotes whenever Claptrap’s story scenes come up usually amount to, “Why are they so mean to him?” I’m down for something good to come his way.


Yeah I always feel bad for him. Always getting treated like trash. That’s why whenevee I play borderlands 2 I always give him five.

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To be fair he IS pretty annoying 90% of the time. I mean all’s fun and games in vidya, but in real life I’d avoid him like the plague.

They have a different ending for normal and tvhm?

Yes, in the normal version, Claptrap basically gets spoken over and ignored and no one sympathizes with him. In the TVHM and UVHM versions he says a really a heartfelt message and everyone groans and tells him to shut-up. Its a really depressing thing to hear.

It’s basically the problem Family Guy has with Meg, in that you basically have a character who’s sole existence is for everyone else to abuse, sooner or later, no matter how much he/she is annoying, you’ll feel sorry for them. I really hope Claptrap gets a real turn around in the next game. Hell, his entire race is extinct and he has no friends, and he essentially lost his superpowers, and lives in a literal dump. How much lower can he possibly go?

I do feel that both BL2 and TPS’ main plots can feel really meanspirited at times, and I think it’s an issue that effects Claptrap especially.


Life sucks, you could die messily and alone any moment, deal with it.

  • Borderlands motto

Don’t know what that has to do with Claptrap. And tbh, more a motto I’d maybe say for BL1, than any of the others.

[quote=“Feculator, post:3, topic:330475”]
But everyone hating him is kinda his “gimmick”
[/quote]Which only really started during/on BL2.
I think too many people were “I HATES CLAPTRAP!!” after BL1’s clappy DLC so GBX went “Oh… you don’t like him and think he’s annoying? Well… sure I guess.” and thus Clappy is now a punching bag.

[quote=“Feculator, post:7, topic:330475”]
To be fair he IS pretty annoying 90% of the time.

I guess i was trying to say that the Borderland universe just s**ts on everyone and is unforgiving in general?

And yeah, there wasnt really a hate on for Clappies in BL1.

They were an accepted fact of life.

They actually really made you feel bad for them in BL1 as you always had to find them and ease their pain.

Not really. I mean, in a very general sense, all the good guys have to put up with a lot of crap. It’s just the fact that all the good guys themselves give Claptrap heaps of ■■■■. And I just get fed up with it.

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I think we need more sympathy for poor BAR bot. All he ever wanted was some ice for his drink and to give you a kick ass shotgun.

And Jack fried his ass.


R.I.P. Happy go lucky BarBot! ~raises glass~

[quote=“40pounder, post:16, topic:330475”]
And Jack fried his ass.
[/quote]Blame Tassiter though, he’s the jerk who added it to H-Code :anger:



“claptraps often need repair because bandits like to use them for target practice”

And there’s the fact that his very name means “inane, pointless nonsense”

He is literally designed to be annoying, both by Hyperion and gearbox, except it’s played as a joke. Him being entertaining only occurs when the joke is better than his annoyingness. This is indeed subjective. Funnily enough I hated him in BL1 (haven’t played its DLCs) and got to like him in BL2, because I found the “look how stupid/annoying claptrap is” jokes funnier

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Justice for BAR bot!

Pourin’ out a Rakk Ale for our departed homie BAR Bot…