Can Spiritual Driver mod drop for other characters solo?

Can the Spiritual Driver mod drop for other characters if they are playing solo? I have been farming Slyestro and Atomic on mayhem 4 for hours with Fl4k to get this mod but I have had no luck.

From doing some research, some say you have to be Amara or be playing with an Amara to find this but nothing concrete. Any advice would be appreciated. If it only drops in games with an Amara, I wont waste any more hours farming for it until my Amara is ready to do mayhem 4.

Looks like only with Amara.

Son of a…

Thanks for clarifying.

Not sure if this case is different from graveward but i farm him with fl4k and get class mods for all characters

It is.

Hmmm Farmed Billy w Amara and never got the Moze mod to drop…Got several Spiritual Drivers from Sylestro(though my last 3 hour run I got none). In fact after Dec 5th, haven’t gotten any mod drops, and the game crashes at the valkyries every time…

This mod may be different from what I am about to say.
For me, the game has been brutal with mods in that the only Legendary Mods a character would get would be for other characters.
So I started with a FL4K. He found Legendary mods for Zane, Moze, and Amara.
Amara has found a ton of Zane mods. (I did farm Sylestro with her and got the Driver after about 60 runs).
Zane found a bunch of Moze mods.
Moze in her first normal playthrough found a Legenday FL4K mod.

I’ve farmed them all weekend with Amara solo and still didn’t get one.

I got one from Slyestro last night playing as Amara. Two nights of farming, so I prolly got lucky. The secondary traits on it were not too useful for me, but it works.

edit: in case anyone did not know, you can just run straight up to Slyestro from load point and down him without fighting any of the mobs in between. Maybe one hound will follow you but that will be it. This makes farming pretty efficient.

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I farmed for driver with fl4k and got two. I heard the bosses don’t drop it for other characters and I don’t know where that started but it isn’t true for sylestro or the raid bosses any character can get the new mods.

Wotan works like that but not nearly as quickly :joy::joy::joy:

Yes it can drop for any character it is a dedicated drop so if it’s going to drop it will. All other Mods are due to world drop randomization from Mayhem modes.

Mine dropped on a Moze split screen character. Which I recommend anyone who is farming for anything always use split screen to double your chance to get what you’re looking for.

good to know, thanks. Wish I’d come on here before spending my whole weekend trying! Or I’d been brave enough to give it a go but I thought it would be suicide! Will try again…

I have completely blanked farming Sylestro, Mayhem 4 with Amara. Could you offer one of your drivers for trade? conch8 on xbox

Sorry, I’m on ps4

Yeah I’ve farmed Sylestro for over 8 hours last couple days with Flak. Nothing. I don’t know if there’s truth to the whole “you have to be playing as Amara” bit to up your luck chance still further. I find this a tad unbelievable, is there any facts to this in any way?

I’m on ps4 just curious if you have anything you’d trade for it.

Pretty sure you have to be Amara

For the Moze mod? What are your Raging bear stats? I don’t play Moze so I’m looking for something good to hold and trade. Have a boatload of Amara mods, Anointed Takedown and DLC gear. + Rakk attack gear. PSn angotti81

We farmed it splitscreen with double moze.
Got the first after 7 runs.
No second one after 4h :joy:

Like megadethwm+killahki allready said;
You do NOT need to be amara! (you will have a better chance if you play amara farming bosses with multiple com’s to get one for amara. But it makes no difference for dedicatet loot drops like the driver from sylestro+atomic. All just rng)