Can subsystems in HWR have dockpaths?

Sometime in the near future or so when i get up and running comp wise, i intend to get started on my Somtaaw and Beast Teams. Now i was wondering if it is possible in HWR for subsystems to have dockpaths for various ship types, cause thats what the somtaaw hanger module would be like, otherwise it would have to be part of the ship model itself by default like it is in HWU.

Somtaaw is a race, right? The race has a Hangar Module? I am confused… :wink:

Are you saying that you have ships (Cata in this case) that have dock paths limited until they get a Module, and then they’re enabled? I mean, in theory you might be able to do that now… lemme think on it.

In Cata, if I remember correctly, only small ships (fighter class) can launch from the “base” mothership. You must research a specific module and build it to be able to launch fregate for example. After the construction of the aforementioned module, frigates will physically launch from this module, thus the dockpath for these types of ship is sort of attached to the module and not to the “base” ship.

I suppose LeviathansWrath question is to know if it would be possible to create the dockpaths directly in the module files instead of the ship files

I don’t think that’ll work. But if you can have a Module enable/gate dock-paths and trigger animations… I think it’ll be the same result. I’m not sure it is possible - but maybe small changes can be made to accommodate that behavior…

When you speak of animations, you mean animations on the “base” ship only, or also on the module ?

Either way, every improvement is good to have :+1:

Edit : which time is it where you are ? You never sleep do you ? ^^

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I think you’re overthinking it. The dockpaths just need to be part of the base Kuun-lan skeleton. You can’t build capital and super capital ships until you’ve got the module, and it’s not like the construction module can be in any places other than where it is, so it doesn’t matter that the dockpaths are always there.

i was thinking about the dockpaths that got used when the module was built for the extra fighter, corvette, frigate, utility entry and exit paths.