Can’t accept ECHOcast mail Items

I can accept mail from hammerlock etc. but I cannot from ECHOcast. Is anyone else having this issue or know of a fix? It’s quite frustrating since I have tons of LvL 53 gear I would like to use. Thanks.

Tab to the SHIFT code entry section of the Social menu and see if it wants you to accept an updated terms and conditions - there was one I had to accept last night.

There was nothing there for me, and its still not working even after the new hotfix. Idk what to do

You’ll likely need to file a support ticket for assistance.

Thank you, I just submitted it. Hopefully they can help resolve this issue for me.

same thing happening to me here on xbox smh submitted a request as well, lmk what they say when they get back to you i’ll update if they hit me back as well

Sounds like a plan my guy