Can`t activate maliwan takedown!

Hmm I guess this could be a stupid question or Im just not getting it, could be both :smiley: So I have beat the game and Im on the TVHM mode and level 50, but when I go to activate the Maliwan takedown , the thing is just now active (mission is not avalaible ) and I can`t activate it…Do I have to finish the TWHM too to unlock it , or is it something else that Im missing ? Thx

Not sure exactly since this is new, but it’s possible you have to have beaten the story in the mode you want to play in. Easy check: drop back to Normal at the menu before you start your session and see if you can then activate it.


Good man :slight_smile: Yeah now its active, thx …

So MT can only be played in normal? Unless you beat the game on true vault hunter mode as well?

Yes, to clarify you can access the Maliwan Takedown after completing the campaign (story) in either Normal or TVHM.

If you are not finished with TVHM you can set your mode back to Normal on the main menu screen and it doesn’t affect your TVHM at all

I beat game in normal and am level 50 but when I go to normal mode I still don’t have access to it.

Well if true then that is indeed a bug.

Without any spoilers, there are a couple things to do after you defeat the final boss. They are back on Sanctuary III. Can you enable Mayhem mode? If not then you technically haven’t finished yet. If you can enable Mayhem mode then save/exit/quit & relaunch.

All else fails then submit a ticket to

Did you get a message from Lorelai? Is there a ! showing on the Sanctuary map that wasn’t there before? (Should be on the starboard side, which is ‘up’ on the default map orientation.)

i looked for everything like the quest and stuff ended up uninstalling reinstalling and it worked. Sent in a ticket because it was definitely glitched