Can´t claim rewards from new heartbreak-event

Cant claim the rewards. :frowning:

all chests are already open (from last year).

Any ideas?

From the news-section:

“…Maurice places an equal value on all the various heart types
and will keep track of how many you’ve broken.
Obliterate enough hearts, and he’ll mail new Broken Hearts Day rewards for your troubles:…”
I had checked the mails too - nothing.


Checked this with another char.
Beginning seems fine - all chests are closed…
until i reached the 1st chest - all chests are open - can´t claim anything. :angry:

Sam issue here. It’s really frustrating.

Let me guess… they fu*ked it up again…


Anyone report it to support?

Not yet.
next try: clean new install … download ist “running”.
Will see if this is a solution.

How typical…

I’m really sorry for what is happening to you all and I hope a solution appears (I haven’t started the event yet so I don’t know if I’ll have the same problem) but this is actually kinda funny since everyone is so hyped for the patches and the update and the 2nd season pass and this is a testament to how all of that could turn out. Full of bugs and f@ckups. Hope it doesn’t though.

If they want to release quality content, they can. Whether or not they want to tho, that remains to be seen.


Eh…if they have been playing this since it released they are used to it. Ahhhh GBX, two steps forward three steps back.


didnt know this was even a event any good rewards worth actually grinding for ? or is it easy skip.

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The wedding invitation is c@m inducing headshot enthusiastic action and you will not regret getting it. Get it and every mob will cry, diapersoil and run away in an instant.

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being honest only reason i do event be for skins not really fuzzed on guns much in bl3 myself.

Well then, you can look up the skins of this event but they’re not much tbh.

i give it check i guess usually never even bother to play game with how they treated core game recently.

I’m having the same issue. Everything is claimed from last year.


Oh man. Can’t get a event right.

I’m also having the same issue, is there anyway to fix this? Or am I gonna have to reinstall the whole game just to get loot

Even if you can claim the rewards, neither the Wedding Invitation nor the Polyaimourous can come with the newer anointments (e.g. 300/90, urad, etc.).


Seems like a character save file glitch (similar to the issue me and others have had with DLC2 with certain characters where the maps would not scale to your level in non-mayhem TVHM.)

With my Moze and FL4K, I could claim the awards normally to the end (got crap anointments with those two Wedding Invitations btw heh). With Amara, all the chests were already opened and I can’t claim anything with her. I think they were all closed at first but then all were opened as soon as I got the first level unlocked. My Zane looks OK so far, he hasn’t shot any hearts yet and all the chests are closed but I’ll keep an eye on it, definitely.

Would still be nice to have a lvl 65 in each. I actually liked those guns

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Playing on mayhem 10/11 and haven’t done anything crazy… playing on ps