Can´t claim rewards from new heartbreak-event

funny enough
i posted like many other beneath their twitter post that they need to fix this asap

i got some person so triggered that this person was literally starting to harass me because

1, they cant fix this bug even if its known for months that it exists because of bloody harvest, reason, texas RIGHT NOW is ■■■■…
2, modders can do stuff gbx cant because modding isnt as hard as developing it… ( this was a legit argument he had)
3, if other can mod stuff i can fix this bug myself, and should stop crying if its so easy to fix this bug

like, why do ppl defend this crap???
i didnt play this game for months ( i did state it in my post aswell) and said, why do i even bother…
this person and 3 others came out like
if you dont like the event then don play the game

this is the reason this game is in itss crap state
these ppl, defending it endlessly, for no reason


Just got Amara to level 46, collected the last heart, opened the chest and- nothing. The Wedding Invitation doesn’t appear in my inventory or mail. Guess I’ll have to get her up to level 53 and use the old one Moze unlocked…

Such Quality Content.

Much Replay. (unless you did them last year) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You might be on to something there. Maybe I have been looking at my console crashing issues the wrong way.

Hmmmm…They left the console crashing issues in the game because it would lead to more replay time because I would lose progression and have to start over and that doesn’t even include if my save file gets corrupted and I completely lose all data. Genius !!!