Can’t Drop Barrier in Killavolt Arena

So I deploy the Barrier pre-entering the arena, when 8t wears off and I try and drop it it will not show up on the ground. I do the throw, nothing lands and the action skill resets almost immediately. I haven’t been back to Killavolt in ages so I don’t know if this is intended (seems unlikely), a known issue, or a new issue.

A workaround is dropping it on ammo chests!

Or you can drop it before you jump into the arena.

I think this issue exists since launch

Been like this since launch I think it’s supposed to be for w/e reason. Either switch up the build a bit, maybe throw on some ASE skills since throwing the shield and it disappearing triggers that I believe or throw it down beforehand and just go HAM on him and try and nuke him out of existence before it fades :smiley: lol Also if you just run a transformer it’s practically impossible to die against KV

Yeah I am invulnerable because of the transformer. I mostly want the shield for the amp effect and, like all problems, it is solved by the proper application of the Yellowcake.

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Toss the barrier against a wall. Let it it bounce off the wall and hit the floor. I don’t know why it works, but it does!