Can’t find the immolator challenge for tyreen

I’m trying to get every single legendary that’s possible to get in game along with every special red text item. And for the life of me I can’t find the immolation/ immolator challenge at all. I have one hidden challenge under Hyperion in enemies but I can’t find this one thing. Any idea where it’s at?

That one is “Kill looters”, although I have no idea why it’s locked (on XB1 and PS4 but apparently not on PC?)

Can’t help you with the one you specifically asked about, but maybe someone else can. Is it related to this by any chance?

(Moved to spoilers)

Yes! That’s exactly what I’m trying to find and come across. I’ve looked under all the challenges and I can’t find it at all…

Also looters? Don’t think I’ve actually found one of those unless they mean loot tinks.

Nope, Looters are common human enemies throughout the DLC. There’s a ton of them in the Impound map, but they crop up in plenty of other places too.

Huh…maybe that’s why. I have the dlc but I’ve only played it on Mayhem 3. I’ve seen tons of badasses on there but not any looters so maybe it’s just my luck

Try Impound and the Compactor on M0. I’ve also run into them in Vice City and the Marketplace plenty (nvhm m0).