Can’t get a easy trophy

So this is about my wife playing borderlands 3 with me, she still haven’t got her trophy Bolt-Ons even when she has bought all of the heads and skins from Crazy Earl, we even trying grinding bosses to get other heads and skin for her Fl4k character and even other characters. She wishes to get the platinum trophy, but she can’t get it because of this glitch

I thought i am the only one with that problem. Please anyone help to get this fixed.
Im using fl4k too. Maybe its a charakter specific glitch?

I do not believe it is character specific, I am using Fl4k and I was able to earn he achievement; the issue may be platform specific as I am on XBOX (but I could be wrong, just a theory) . I ran into an achievement bug myself; I earned every achievement but the “ultimate vault hunter” achievement doesn’t unlock (once again, could be platform specific). Hopefully Gearbox resolves these issues.

I hope you find this information useful.

A friend told me he used fl4k on ps4 and archieved the trophie. Seems like we are just unfortunate.

I have this issue as well. Playing Amara on PS4.

Husband was able to get it playing Fl4k on 9/22 also on PS4.

I have the solution: Take another charakter. Play solo. Collect 10 heads or skins. There is your trophie :slight_smile:

Im having the same problem using flak but i believe its a multiplayer glitch it works fine if you save them and go on solo to unlock