Can’t get past splash screen

I was playing after the DLC4 update online with a friend and now every time I try to start the game it won’t get past the splash screen. I’ve hard reset the game and am not an insider so that shouldn’t be a problem. Anyone have any info?

I am on an Xbox ONE X if that makes a difference.

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On Xbox you can try clearing the cache by doing a cold restart or reinstall the game files.

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Thanks. I tried that since it was the easy one. I uninstalled and reinstalled last night and played some today. Got to a black screen and now back to not starting from dashboard. Don’t want to uninstall every time I get a glitch.

Thank you for the help and tip. I’m gonna try again and see what happens.

Sucks it happened again, but happy it worked. I know the one x has had trouble with this game since launch. There’s a plethora of threads about that console crashing in these forums.

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There’s also a temp data storage area you can try clearing before doing the power reset. Go to manage BL3 and look at the saved data. In addition to the character save partitions for your profile there should be a ‘reserved space’ partition. It’s where the game stores all the stuff it generates during game initialization (shader initialization etc) but it seems it can get messed up if you have one or two crashes. You can safely delete that, do the power reset, then relaunch the game.

Thanks. Yeah I tried that and it didn’t help. I may have to just reinstall again and hope for the best. I am moving the main game to external to see if that will get me up and running without a full reinstall. Have to wait a little over a month for the Series X so hopefully that patch will fix a few things.

Is anything else acting up? Like, RPG-style games telling you there’s no room to create a save even though there’s actually enough free space? Or is this the only game with the issue?

If other games are also wonky and you are confident everything that matters is synced to the cloud, you could try the factory reset option that just removes the account profiles but leaves the games and apps in place, then re-add your profile. The game saves should re-sync when you first launch them. Not sure if this would help in your case, but it’s faster than a complete wipe and reinstall everything.

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This is the only game having the problem. I will keep the reloading my profile in the pipe the next time it acts up. I also moved it to the external HDD and it works now. If it acts up again I may try your suggestion or just move it back to internal since it only takes around 20 minutes to move the file. I played for about 3 hours with out a hiccup and even switched games and came back to a working BL3. So for now it seems to be working. Just hope it’s not a consistent problem I get.

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If it’s working on the external, there may be something corrupt on your internal, or it may be going bad. How long have you had the console?

It’s the Scorpio X so it’s the launch X console. Thing is I have Destiny on the internal and it doesn’t have a problem. Those are the only two I have on the internal. I didn’t want to slow the console down by filling up the internal.

Since I have the workaround I will just switch the main game file if it happens again, and if that doesn’t work I will submit a ticket with support to help me out. Thanks for the tips and I hope I can play for awhile before it happens again.


BL3 is pretty resource intensive, so it hits the drive a lot. It also seems to generate a load of temp data on startup, and you can easily trigger a lot of save file updates while playing. So it’s a bit of a stress test for systems. Hopefully it will continue to run fine on your external (which I assume is a lot newer). If you should get a game crash during a session, I would recommend at least a power reset before relaunching just to make sure everything got cleaned up properly.

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