Can’t go to Eden-6

When my friend and I try to go to Eden-6 for a mission, the Galaxy map shows the planet in the solar system but we can’t go on it or even click on it. It doesn’t even show as an option on our list of planets.

Try to go back to the bridge and use the console to “travel” to eden-6 and then you should be able to use the drop pod

When I go to the console to navigate to Eden-6, it’s not giving me the option to select it. So I’m stuck and can’t complete the Hammerlocked mission.

Go to the console on sanctuary and travel somewhere besides eden-6, then travel back had the same issue because i technically was already at eden-6 and couldn’t “travel” to it.

Hope This Helps!

I’m experiencing the same thing after I played with a friend at an earlier part of the story. I was on eden six and she had just stared now shes level seven and the only solutions ive seen have been to play the story up to the point I was but I’m on chapter 13 and shes on chapter 3. I am not about to go back through 10 chapters again before I can even continue my own story. This is a big problem for me personally.


Having the same issue after playing cooper split screen with my nephew as a new character. Now I can only visit pandora from sanctuary or any fast travel? Any fixes?

i just encountered this same issue. Tried going from one planet to another , even fast travelling down to the planet i chose (atlas hq) and then going back to eden 6. the drop pod is saying floodmoor basin for me and wont refresh to eden 6’s drop location whenever i go to eden 6 via my sanctuary hyperspeed. idk what to do

This just happened to my son as well. He jumped into my game (local couch coop) to help me beat Captain Traunt yesterday and left after picking up the loot. When he logged into his own single player game just now (first time since helping me yesterday) he could not fast travel to Eden-6 despite having all of the quest progress saved. He was able to get back to Eden-6 by going to the bridge of Sanctuary, using the “controls” to travel to Eden-6 then using the drop pod in the cargo hold to get down to the planet. He then had to travel to one of the fast travel stations. Once he reached the closest fast travel it appears that it also unlocked the others too.

ok so when i quit the game and rebooted, hammerlock came up on the ships hud and continued my quest for me, so a simple restart was all that was needed!

Hey so the “go to the bridge” suggestion worked perfectly thankyou so much

Hi everyone! So I had the same issue with not being able to get back to Eden6 after playing co-op with a lower level player. The suggestion that worked for me, was to go to the console where Lilith is and hyperspace to Eden6. After that the only thing that worked was to take the drop pod down in the cargo bay. It will take you to Floodmoor Basin, but after that the rest of Eden6 because accessible.

Good Luck Vault Hunters!