Can’t go to Pandora

I’ve been having this issue the entire game!!! I’m only on my first play through and it won’t let me go back to the surface of Pandora. I’m at the point after the second vault and now need to return there to progress in the story. What is happening is I can navigate there and the drop pod spawns, but the blue region transfer gate doesn’t spawn. I do not have this problem with any of the other planets. I originally thought that it might be due to me not being at a point in the game where I could go back, but now that I need to, I can’t! It’s driving me crazy!

Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I doing something wrong?

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Am I wrong in thinking you do not need to drop pod down since you have already been there?

Surely you just fast travel to a point in an area then manually travel to the new pandora area, I believe it was the Droughts you needed to go to?

That is where I need to go. However the fast travel point in Sanctuary doesn’t give me the option the fast travel anywhere. I’ve had to use the drop pod every time I want to go to a planets surface.

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did you play coop? it is possible you don’t hit the fast travel point in that area and you need to do it manually. (i did it starting from the covenant pass, droughts, so on and so forth.)

are you sure you’re zooming out to galaxy view ? my friend had this same issue and he just didn’t realize you had to press Triangle to view to galaxy map.

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Can you go to any random planet and fast travel from there instead of from Sanctuary?

Get the Freak out of town!!! That did it! OMG I had no idea I could do that!!! You are a life saver!! I even uninstalled the game thinking that might fix it! This whole time I thought the fast travel station on sanctuary was useless hahaha. Thank you!!!


Well actually all fast travel stations are pretty pointless now, because you can just bring up your map and fast travel from there. So I never even bother going to fast travel points to fast travel anymore. Also if you have a vehicle active, it can be fast traveled to through the map.

bonus tip, you can fast travel from any location, you don’t need to visit a station !!
Glad it worked out for you man.

Man I really appreciate you guys! I did know that I could fast travel to the vehicle and from anywhere on the map to a local fast travel point right? Or can I go to other planets from anywhere?

You can

Any planet from anywhere. Your map and the fast travel map are actually the same menu if you look closely at it.

I am equally as brain challenged - thanks

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Had the same issue. Now it’s a whole new experience!

You got it right with galaxy map!! Nice job!

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OMG!!! thank you been trying to reeturn there for 2 days and it was just that easy!!! lol yhanx a MILLION!!!