Can’t level up pass level 50

I just started playing again since the game 1st came out and I can not go pass level 50. The XP bar fills up but nothing happens. I have all the DLC installed and updated.

Make sure you are online and the Hot Fixes get applied before hitting continue for your loaded Vault Hunter.
A sign should appear behind the character saying “Hot Fixes applied”
Things get really wonky if they are not loaded.

All the hot fix’s are installed and I finally went up one level and now I been sitting at 51 for the last 3 level ups. I tried restarting the game and everything. I just lost for words right now. Lol

Is it the level up bar that appears to be filling, or the guardian rank bar? One is purple and the other is yellow. Also, what mode/mayhem level are you in?

Both bars are filling up and right now I don’t have any mayhem on. I am on TVHM, should I have a mayhem level on?

If you’re in TVHM then you don’t need Mayhem mode to get the map scaling to work. However, increasing mayhem levels will gain you XP faster (and kind of makes TVHM a bit redundant since NVHM+Mayhem is essentially the same as TVHM).

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