Can’t link shift profile? Can’t claim shift keys. Help

Hello. Hopefully someone can help me. I can not link my PS4 system to the borderlands website. I click on shift and try to link them, but nothing happens as I can’t even claim my shift codes that I got from Gamestop on release.

It tells me my shift codes can not be used with the linked system Xbox live… I’ve mever owned an Xbox in my life! Also… I am using the SAME email that my PSN screen name is using. I’ve tried multiple times and multiple things. Please help!

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I’m also having the same issue. I have fast internet (100mbs) and am using a LAN. My email for shift is different from my psn account but I don’t think that would affect it.

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It makes me not want to play the game to be honest. Never had issues with Borderlands 2 that I can remember. I have over 80 shift keys in that game.

I send Gearbox a support email. But if anyone else can help i would be thankful

I’m having something of the same issue myself, i dont have any options or anything to link to my shift account. Theres not an option to sign in or anything. I love the game, but i just bought some Zane VIP rewards from the borderlands website and would like to be able to send them over. It shows my BL2 stuff, but wont connect to BL3