Can’t play on my Zane

I went to LFG for the black site and when I loaded in I couldn’t do anything skills disabled guardian rank disabled. The character is now completely unplayable is this a know bug or anyway to fix it I’ve even uninstalled and still nothing. I’d really like to not have to 100% another Zane.

First off, I would suggest filing a support ticket since that’s obviously not expected behaviour. Had the skill points simply been unassigned and were available to re-spend, or had your character level also been affected?

If you quit in the normal manner (via the menu) it’s likely that the corrupted state has already been saved to your XB and by now may have also been sync’d to the cloud. It might be worth deleting your game saves and re-syncing just in case; note that you will lose any progress in saves you’ve been playing off-line if you do that.

There’s no specific way to revert a character save to an earlier version on XB1, unfortunately, so I’m not sure what can be done if the re-sync doesn’t work other than having folks help power level a new character through the main story.