Can’t use the Eridian anaylyzer

I beat Troy twice to get into the great vault and I’ve clearly grabbed the eridian analyzer because it simply isn’t there in the statue’s hands, yet I can’t read any eridian writings. What’s going on

Have you used it on the first one? The “Lab slab” in Tannis’ lab on the ship?

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I tried and my character just says “more alien crap” as if I don’t have it.

Title edit: eridian isn’t very friendly to predictive text.

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I have the exact same problem. Any solution found?

I’ve done the mission 2 xs. Still can’t read the eridian writing. My husband is also having the same problem.

Same. Hoping for a fix soon

This doesn’t appear to be fixed in todays patch. Can we get someone for Gearbox to acknowledge this?

From* Gearbox

I’m facing the same issue with my FL4K playthrough. I’ve run through the other 3 characters without issue, but this character specifically cannot read the Eridian writings. I was playing multiplayer at the time of getting the analyzer and I guess someone else must have read the stone in Tannis’ lab.

I’ve got a support ticket opened with Gearbox on this and they’ve run me through cache-clear, re-install, and now want me to try to join a game with someone that has progressed to the point I am to try to jar it loose. I think them mean they want me to join someone’s game that is opening the second vault for the first time.

My suggestion would be to open a support case if you are also seeing this issue.

So I’ve managed to fix this issue by getting the Eridian Analyzer in TVHM. I think the problem was that matchmaking paired me with someone further along in the mission than I was. I had only completed to the middle, and it placed me into a game with someone who had just entered the vault (and likely had just picked up the analyzer). When the mission was then turned in, it advanced me through the story, but I had never actually “obtained” the analyzer. I was then able to get through the lab portion immediately after as the other player triggered the writing.

Hope this helps to anyone having the issue.