Can the *** *** actually drop in Arms Race?

I want to try and get an Ice Age, glad to finally have a gun that references that film.

I’ve only seen images and an incomplete wiki article, though.

Can it actually drop, or is it another RYNAH?

An Ice Age? Never heard of it. There’s one called the Ice Pick, do you mean that one? I’m waiting for a Harry Potter item.


Mmm interesting. Looks like an upgrade for the Nukem. 50% more splash damage radius and triple the damage.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that can’t drop since there’s been so little buzz about it. One more to join the Bite Size, Blue Fang, Earworm, Ice Pick, Kryll, Manic Pixie Dream Gun, MEAT Shield, Portals and ■■■■■, P2P Networker, RYNAH, Slider, Vault Hunter’s Relic. Wonder when we’ll get all those.


Looks like it might be with the designers cut, don’t think that’s out yet though

Well, Designer’s Cut (incl. Arm’s Race) was released 9/10.11.2020. On the other hand, Director’s Cut (emphasis on story missions? Yay!!! :partying_face:) is coming later, expected spring 2021.

Yeah, seems that this is again one of those (scratched?) BL weapons that is left in games code. That obviously doesn’t mean that they will be made available some later day. So similarly, this isn’t currently obtainable without shenigans.

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I think it’s another RYHNAH and doesn’t drop, at least not yet (although it could also be another Scorpio or Mongol and just have its drop bugged).

Strange for the wiki to claim it drops anywhere, though.

Not the first time the wiki gives bad info on drops, tbh. It does it pretty frequently.

Damn shame, I was wanting a weapon based on Freezes weapon from that movie, but now we have another hackers only gun.

Quite right. Back in old Gearbox forum times we tried to correct most blatantly incorrect info at Wiki (on BL2 loot then). Efforts resulted only self-feeding spiral where authors there just edited our corrected info back to false original state :laughing:

Still, honestly there is lot of good info there, only appears that they don’t have access to advanced loot related info (datamined game code, enough players for empirical loot source/drop rate verification…). Shame really, as they still are referred constantly on these matters.

Have no single point spend into vehicle damage. Vehicle were useless before and I’m currently not playing the game but if you say it’s even worse then…

I tried doing that, but the game nags you into doing it; it’s insistent on an even point distribution.

That said, I’ve managed to keep FFYL movement speed down to a mere ~5%.

Honestly I rather take 0,04% damage over the first 1% in vehicle damage. This is just useless points and I’m not going to spend any single point in it. FFYL is not very powerfull too, but it’s at least needed during the most of the game. There is exact one vehicle mission in main story where you need to use it. I’m talking about the mission with Maya. The only reason to use a vehicle there is the size of the map. On Promethea you have to destrtoy one vehicle to get information out of an audio log but I drive there fast and go out of my vehicle to destroy it before it can drive away.

The whole vehicle stuff was such a big announced thing that it just hurts that vehicles are so bad. But I LOVE the Cyclone. The only good vehicle in the game. Also hate the fact that you cant destroy the gate under the Tediode House on Eden-6 with it… SINCE RELEASE!

What’s the Tediode House?

Pretty sure dimitri is talking about Wrainwrights hunting lodge. The big wooden fence at the bottom of the elevator only disappears after you‘ve done the next mission (Jakobs mansion), so you always have to drive off the cliff.

You can drive through it, but only with the technical, I’ve found.

Ah, maybe that’s it. I’ve found it works for me sometimes and sometimes not so I was wondering what the trigger is.

Yeah sorry not the Tediore but Wainwright … was my bad.

You basically cant destroy the gate with the cyclone. Not with rockets or smashing against it.

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