Can the custom work on UDK?

I wanted to be able to get the SDK to make a Brothers in Arms level but no matter what I’d tried, I couldn’t be able to get the kit so instead I ended up getting a kit from Unreal called “Unreal Development Kit”. So I tinker around and got completely bored with it so I ended up watching porn again…

Anyway back to topic, is it possible to get some of the game code into this so I would b able to mess around with it? I don’t have the game and not taking a risk of getting the SDK again because it brought some viruses that nealy crash my computer.

Can someone here give me something to live for?

I have no idea what to do now…

I don’t think you are going to have much luck with this. The BiA game uses a heavily-modified version of the Unreal engine, so unless you have Gearbox’s C++ source code (and this may not even be enough) then you won’t be able to import or export anything with your UDK that is playable or compatible with the game.

I don’t know where you got your SDK in the past, but the SDKs that I have posted on my website have no viruses and are screened by Google.

Look in the downloads section for the SDK.

Ah, but of course you will need the game as well. You cannot mod any game without first installing the game itself.

Okay, thanks