Can the Double Downer shield come anointed?

Just asking. Have yet to see one. It’s really is crappy if not.

If we are to get an ASE anointed version ill thow all the other shields I have down the gutter.


I got the embers shield bonus radiation damage so I assume so.

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I don’t know, you’d think someone would have posted something about it. I’ve seen Embers shield w/ bonuses in trade but never Double downer

have one with “when barrier is deployed, instantly start recharging shields”


Really??? Wow, there is hope!!!

I have one anointed for Zane too and I thinks its the SNTL movement speed one. When I get on I will check and then if you want we can help each other out.

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If anyone finds one w/ + 50% elemental dmg (corrosive preferred) ASE, I’ll trade whatever I have. And I have 300+ items with good anointments, DLC included.