Can the E-Gun have Luneshine effects?

I just completed UVHM and got to level 60, so I decided to get my beloved E-Gun back. The thing I want to know is, can it have Luneshine on it? If not I won’t waste my time with dashboard ing over and over.

Lune shine can only be obtained from the grinder and moonstone chests.

The e-gun can’t be obtained from either.

Aw ok. Thanks man, saved me a whole lot of run-throughs.

luneshined weapons can supposedly also be dropped by bosses… according to loading screen and other forum members. ive never seen one drop tho. and the luneshined weapons i would imagine be a luneshined version of their drop.

Hypothetically speaking… would you be interested in a Thorny Rosie, electric with Lunshine Critical Damage…? ha

Dude anyone can make one in gibbed if they’re interested. go away :>

@olmons lol why you mad bro? I don’t even do that kind of thing

Two reasons:

GBX don’t want people talking about gibbed on the forums, and some people don’t like players with obviously gibbed gear in their coop games.

If you wanna gib guns for testing or farming in solo, that’s absolutely okay imo. Just don’t bring them into my coop games.

LOL NO ONE said anything about gibbed or anything like that. You CAN get a luneshine Rosie… sorry that some of us grind the game for days and don’t cheat but hey, thanks for the attitude…

From what I know, luneshine Rosie’s can only be gibbed. But maybe I’m missing some info, please fill us in!

Oh now you’re willing to hear another explanation? Read the first few posts, grinder and luneshine my friend… isn’t that hard. but I guess I gibbed mine or whatever that is so no worries

Still, that doens’t quite make sense to me. The grinder can’t spit out unique red text items other than Legendaries. So, the Rosie can not be obtained from the grinder in the first place if memory serves me right.

It is a reward for completing The Beginning of the End in True Vault Hunter Mode only.

Quote from the Wiki about the Rosie

Anyone ever grind 3 Rosie’s and put the lunshine grind on it to see what you get

not possible, moonstone button will not appear. You can do a regular grind and get a random purple laser, or a non-luneshine legendary if you’re super lucky

I know this now. You can not lunshine 3 purples. If you grind three Rosie’s ya get ■■■■ of a purple gun

Yeah your luneshine Rosie is not legit. I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but you probably already knew. Maybe one of your “friends” is feeding you this BS, I don’t know, but what I know for sure is that a luneshine Rosie is always a modded piece of gear that’s not available in game :slight_smile:

The Rosie is a quest reward only. Quest rewards can not (legitimately) have Luneshine effects.