Can the grinder spit out the green/blue/purple Holodome class mods?

I know you can grind for the Chronicler of Elpis class mods. Those are relatively easy to get your hands on. I’m talking about the “common” mods–the ones that modify slam damage and then other stuff dependent upon which character they’re for. (For Athena, that’s slam, electrocution, and incendiary damage.) I’ve put in all sorts of greens and blues, but I always seem to get non-Holodome mods… Which I’d take as a sign, except I might just be getting trolled by Rngesus. Rngesus is not my friend.

yes, they can be grinded.

Thanks for replying. But just to be clear: I’m not asking if they can be “grinded” (i.e., used as grinder food) but if they can be produced by the grinder after feeding it other common class mods. If that’s what you meant, though, I apologize. I’ve just done a crapload of grinds (+/-50?) without successfully producing one.

It’s possible, but since the holodome coms share the same pool with all other coms, the odds are very very low. I had that happen only once so far.

Edit: I just got a purple Athena holodome com after putting in 3 purple jack coms.

Very cool. (Not the low chance of them appearing, of course–that’s as annoying as ever–but that they are in fact available from the grinder.) Thanks!

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…Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I’ve dumped dozens and dozens and dozens of class mods in the grinder, class mods of all rarities, usually twelve or fifteen at a time before dashboarding, but I haven’t gotten a single common Holodome class mod for any character, let alone the Athena mod I’m looking for. What gives? Not to seem like a jerk, but does anyone have screenshot proof of grinding non-Holodome class mods and successfully receiving a common green, blue, or purple Holodome class mod?

From today’s grinding

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On the one hand, I appreciate your help and I’m glad to see the grinder really can produce those mods, but on the other hand, I’m trying to figure out how to process the weird mix of irritation, stupefaction, and rage I’m feeling as I think of the towering craploads of coms I’ve dumped in that stupid machine, grinding out seemingly every class mod EXCEPT the Holodome class mods. Ugh…

Hey, at least we even have a tool that can help us get random class mods. Think back to borderlands 2 and how they expanded the game to 6 classes but didn’t really give us any help getting relevant class mods. Sure you can go buy a green or white class mod in the vending machine but why bother? Once I get a blue or purple class mod I rarely stop back below that rarity of class mod.

With the grinder we can say, hey game, I want a new class mod. Here’s 3 I don’t want. And please consider that I’m class X right now. It does seem to favor your current class but it’s not a guarantee.

No, you’re right, I’m just supremely blown away by my continued bad luck. But this is why you don’t let carnival folk deliver your baby, no matter the circumstances. Thanks a lot, Mom…


You’re better off farming the new mods by completing the Badass Round at the Holodome. Dashboard farm until you get the rarity and skills of your choice. Sorry for your bad luck with the RNG at the Grinder.

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Will that work?


  1. accept quest
  2. complete quest until it’s green
  3. make sure you save by walking near the savepoint or toggling bad ass rank
  4. turn in the quest
  5. dashboard if the results aren’t what you want
  6. load up your game and repeat 4 through 6 if necessary.

What I don’t know is if the quest will still be turn-in-able in this case. The holodome quests fail if you save and quit during the quest. But once it’s complete maybe that’s a different story?

Also I don’t know if it will change the reward results.

Badass reward is either Holodome exclusive gun or class mod. Even though it shows blue/green as the reward it can be any rarity. As long as you don’t accept the reward you can just dashboard and try again.

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I’ll have to try it next time. People have gotten legendary rewards from this quest, right?

I really like the idea of repeatable badass missions. They should do this all over the game.

Yes the Berrigan is the legendary weapon.

Yeah, dashboard farming the Badass Round rewards is definitely the way to go. Just got a sweet Ultra High Definition mod for my Aurelia on the third try.