Can the .HOD files be opened by blender or some other free program?

I’d like to make a second instance of a ship and change the textures and stats a little bit. Can the HOD files be opened? or are there just a few examples of some ships going around? Thanks!

The short answer is that it has to be exported to open in blender and then exported back into hod to be readable by game.

CfHodEd can be used to export objs out of hod files. HODOR is a command line exporter for putting it back together. That one you download through steam tools.

Hi, thanks for your answer! I’ve been tinkering around with this, and apparently I need to download the old versions of the homeworld files because the HOD files after update 2.0 are not usable. I got that from here:

I’m trying to get depotdownloader to work, but when I download the files from the link listed here:

there is no .exe file. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe I need to do some kind of installation proceedure on the depotdownloader files? (sorry if this is a stupid question, but I really don’t know what I’m doing HAHA)

Not my area of expertise but, judging by the useage notes in the read me file:

Usage: ./depotdownloader <parameters> [optional parameters]
OR: dotnet DepotDownloader.dll <parameters> [optional parameters]

This is a command line tool or .NET library and not a stand-alone windows application.

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yeah it needs .NET Core

Ok, don’t do that whole depotdownloader thing from the youtube video. It’ a PITA and the files still can’t all be opened by CFHodEd. You can open the models out of the classic big files, so just do that and it’s a lot easier.

So now I’ve altered the models how I want in CFHodEd, I THINK it exported it correctly as a DAE in Blender, but HODOR is not my friend. It says it’s loading the DAE model, then press any key, then I look in the export folder and there’s no .hod.

Awesome. Are there any HODOR experts out there? It might help if I got some kind of error code log.


Try this:

If not, upload your DAE file and I will take a look for you to see if I can work out what is wrong.

Yes the path was wrong. thanks - there were two slashes from the two lines in the .hodor test file.

Now I get a real error code, but I’ll mess around with the example ships until I figure out how to at least get one of those converted to a .HOD

Has anyone got the example ship .DAEs imported into blender? I try to import them, but nothing happens. I also have no freaking idea what I’m doing in blender either though, so if there’s something tricky that I have to watch out for, that’s probably the problem.

I got the .objs and textures imported from the CfHodEd output easy enough though. Did anybody get this working blender, or are most modders using 3DS max?

I also tried converting a HOD to a DAE using HODOR: didn’t work HAHA - would’ve been too easy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer Dom2 - the model is just sajuuk with the textures changed a little. None of the weapon points and stuff like that are in there, so maybe that’s the problem as well. I just want to see what’s possible before I decide whether or not to invest a lot of time in this. I thought just changing some textures would be super easy, but NOPE. Now I kind of want to figure it out just because it’s bugging me so much. :b IF I figure it out I might start modding some more stuff though. Right now we’re just making some cool maps to play against the computer on. And we wanted to make a coupe of über-sajuuks to fight against a horde of computer badguys with, but maybe our über-sajuuks will just have to look like crappy old normal sajuuks. =D

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The default blender dae importer will not work. You need to use this:

I would recommend looking at the tools and tutorials thread (pinned). There are a few there that could help you…

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Yep, the Importer works! …is there an exporter? haha Here’s the problem:

I tried changing a couple things on the multigun corvette example, saved it as a DAE with the textures from the original example folder. HODOR crashed during conversion.

So, I took the example folder and tried to convert that without changing anything, and it worked. So I guess I’m using HODOR correctly.

Then I took the example ship, imported it with the importer, saved it as a DAE in blender without changing anything, tried to convert it with the rest of the unaltered folder. This crashed HODOR too, so I figure I must be saving it wrong somehow.

Any help? Thanks for answering all this stuff btw.

Yes there is an exporter. The default dae exporter will not create HW friendly DAE files.

Check the list here, it contains the link to the exporter ([Blender plugin] HWRM Toolkit) and tutorials that can help:

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yay - it worked! I had to change the textures over to Phong and then it was no problem. Not really going to use this POS, just wanted to see if I could add another gun and change the mesh a little bit. It has full auto guns from the vaygr battlecruiser though. completely ridiculous haha Thanks for all the help!

There’s no way to extract a .dae from a .hod, right? That would make things a lot easier, but I can probably start with one of the other examples for the battleship I wanted to make too.

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I’m glad you managed to get it to work.

I’m afraid you cannot get the latest hod files directly to dae format. Some of the original (pre-patch) hwrm hod files can be opened with a tool called cfhoded 4 though.