Can the Incursion queue Please come back?

I have had enough of incursion when hoping in quick match. I have played multiple games, hoping for capture or Face off, only to play more incursion. I wish the queue was back so We could enjoy any type of match. Thanks.

The devs were aware of this happening and was even their intent

“For those Incursion players who simply do not wish to draft select teams, jump back into Quick Match. Incursion is often available there, and we expect it will be played regularly.”

Well, I wish they could make a queue for other maps then. I want to play some capture, but I am stuck in quick queue with incursion. Or I go into draft and play more, You guessed it, Incursion with a side of Meltdown Finale. Or bots battle, where I kill easy AI that makes hearthstones inkeeper seem difficult.

There is no wining, only losing. The fun of quick match was meltdown and other modes, but now its full of premades training for draft.

I just can’t stand when people quit when they don’t get the mode they want. It actually makes match making longer. I don’t mind playing any mode, but I pfrefer incursion. Got to play the revamped capture and it’s not so bad. But still, quitters make the queues longer, and I think the intent was to shorten queues. I would rather wait a few extra minute to play the mode I feel like, than to have match after match canceled because people don’t want to see play certain modes.

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Same. I stay in the matches of incursion, and wait for the first team to fall apart, and while some matches are fun, most end up with a surrender in the first 10 minutes, only to repeat this process.

Before the latest patch, draft was full of premades and competitive experienced players on Xbox1. Now after the patch, this mode is played mainly by newcomers. I rarely see premade teams now. I guess they moved to quick match queue or stopped playing the game.

I think most went to Bot-Battles. Usually I was the only CR50+ in the team since it´s back.


Actually I see just as many cr100+ in Bots Battle. It’s good for character lore for char you don’t like or try new loadouts


Interesting I would expect bots battle to be the least populated place where level 100+ players go to. Then again, it makes sense if they want to complete lore, achievements, titles etc.

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I agree. I prefer to play just incursion. I won’t complain about playing any other mode, nor will I quit if incursion isn’t chosen, but I’ve seen others that do quit. Not only that, but I also noticed that there are a lot of new players going to the draft mode, and I see pre-made teams going to quick match.

This is the opposite of what the devs intended though. I remember joe mentioning that newcomers should be using quick match and experienced players should be using draft mode. This has resulted in many more pub stomps than I would like to see. The player populations are mixing up and I’m afraid it might stop new people from playing. The queues should be changed to quick play (levels 1-60), quick play (levels 61-100+), and incursion without level restriction. Oh, and the seasonal queues such as bot battle, etc.

“But that is just going to make queue times longer!” I would rather wait longer for an evenly matched team then wait 5 seconds in between pub stomps. I do not want to see the new players quit after all the efforts that were made up until the winter update. From this point on, besides the tutorials (I believe they are helping, as I’ve seen low level players with more skill) the newer players need an environment to grow up in amongst themselves in order to have fun. The player base can only keep growing from then on, through word of mouth. It’s hard to recommend a multiplayer game if it’s one where you lose all the time.


The issue with that though is some experienced players don’t like the pick/ban though

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Called it. You can’t rely on the playerbase to do what you ‘intend’. You must make it so.


You did. I read that post when you created it. Sadly, it has become true on Xbox1. I don’t know about the other platforms.

On PS4 we get 3 man Premades, but not always 5 man ones. Still annoying as hell.

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Actually i think the intention wasn’t necessarily to shorten the queue but to not rock the incursion boat too much. Aka people who want to play incursion but -don’t- want to draft. Those who prefer other modes are the casualty

Have you heard from people who dont like draft? When I first played it I thought it was a huge upgrade, finally able to ban Galinor Ghalt or Trix or Orendi or Boldur or whomever.

Then no one played it, and the god forsaken chaos rumble had ALL of the pvp pkayers. That is mind boggling to me, I think the draft is how the game should be played, I LOVE that there are no duplicate BB.

tl;dr why dont people like draft?

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Well, some people don’t like the steamroll of communications, others main orendi or ghalt or trixxy or othe tier 1 bb, and some like to be chill and not blamed for losing. Draft has a competitive feel, which puts people off.

Draft is awesome imo. Only problem is that it can take a while, but people have been getting faster.

Probably mostly PvE players like me looking to complete lore in an environment that’s closer to what we’re used to. (Although some of the lore challenges seem to be either bugged or deliberately blocked eg killing OM as WF.)

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I just did bot battle for the first time and was able to get Benedict’s final lore, which I wasn’t able to get in the past 800 hours of play. I think thats why you’ll see los of 100+ people in bots battle