Can the push to talk button be changed?

Push to talk is set by default to ‘T’, but I want to rebind it so I can put it on one of my extended mouse buttons. There doesn’t seem to be a way to rebind it in the keyboard bindings menu. How can I rebind the key?


Please make a rebind for this :smiley:

why isn’t this rebindable? what a joke of a game


Need to be able to re-bind this. T just doesn’t work for me for PTT

Yep it is a joke. I couldn’t do anything to that key at all.

They have alot of work to do and i mean alot of work to get the game running as it should on PC. There should be no excuse to have a basic function like that not working as its intended to do.

You also can’t use the forward slash key, it’s dead.

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So after many months, this still hasn’t been addressed. Surely having proper keybinding remapping is a simple thing to add to the game.


Sheesh, another non-bindable command? It’s so stupid. “Text chat” occupies my Y key (where the Z key would be on American keyboards), which I’d really like to use for other things.

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pls Devs, don’t tell us which keys to use, let us decide where we want to have what!

I’ve been waiting on purchase of the game until I see these issues are fixed, being a huge Borderlands fan it’s been quite annoying, I just check back to the forums and patch notes every few months. Welp I’ll continue waiting.

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update 12/31/2020: We’re hours away from 2021 and we still can’t rebind this…

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2/3/2021: Still no keybind availability for push to talk in sight, nor any mention that it ever will be. Let’s be fair, modders will sooner do the job.


Remember when they wrote a love letter to PC gamers?

Where’s this Gearbox?

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We are one year into this and still a simple fix that hasn’t been implemented. Pathetic.