Can the timer be disabled?

Just wondering, short of disabling the HUD, is there a way to disable the timer?

If not, would it be too much to consider not connecting the timer to the RU counter specifically? I mean, could the RU counter be the last thing to be displayed when disabling HUD instead of it being disabled along with the RU counter?

Personally, I could go without everything else except the RU counter of course. I’ll probably get used to it.

Check box inside the UI & HUD section of the options menu does it I think.


The options is pretty comprehensive and so far any additional UI elements they’ve added came with a disable option in the options menu. Definitely worth a check when they add new UI elements in the future.

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Thanks guys, I’ll have to be more thorough next time. I may have just glanced over it.

Timer is pretty much like your second scout though.

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What do you mean?

You can use it to gauge the timings of your enemy, at what likely point he’ll have destroyers or BCs if he’s rushing them etc.

Ahh yes, that, of course, of course. That’s why most people I have talked to like the feature. I used to have builds disciplined as if muscle memory.

Now, I’m just so used to using the ipod touch time next to my monitor that the timer, the act of timing, and self-timing have become more of an obstruction and distraction.