Can the Twister come with 9 rounds in the magazine?

I know it would have to have the Sidewinder prefix at the very least, but I wanna know exactly which parts it would need to give it 9 shots (technically 3), and I know characters like Krieg have skills that negate the small clip size, but dammit I’m a stickler when it comes to my guns having a decent fricken’ clipsize right off the bat!

Not a specialist but the only part that can increase magazine size is if you have a matching grip. Jakob in that instance.


Fairly certain you just want a rustlers twister. Also kinda certain the best your gonna get is a 6 mag.


In my experience the Sidewinder has never been an optimal accessory.

This doesn’t specifically address your question, but this is actually worth watching :

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The max is 7 without outside sources.